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    An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:
    • Added a new Demo Support feature to auto-record matches
      • Can be configured via the Adv. Options menu
      • Automatically records .dem files of your matches (or can be set to Manual) and puts them into the specified folder
      • Logs killstreaks and bookmarks to a master _events.txt file in the same folder as the recordings so the events can be easily reviewed
      • Logs killstreaks and bookmarks for each specific .dem file to .json file that has the same name as the .dem file (see the ds_mark command below)
      • Supports the following console commands:
        • ds_record: manually start a recording
        • ds_stop: manually stop recording
        • ds_mark [comment]: bookmark the current demo tick count for future reference. The [comment] is an optional descriptor you may include.
        • ds_status: report the current recording status
    • Security fixes (thanks to Diodine for these reports)
    • Fixed an exploit related to the Heavy's gloves and blocking the payload cart
    • Fixed energy weapons not reloading when using cl_autoreload
    • Fixed the team-win dialog not being displayed for SourceTV clients
    • Updated several hats to fix the Sniper not removing the hats while taunting
    • Added UGC tournament medals for Highlander Seasons 17 and 18, 6v6 Seasons 19 and 20, and 4v4 Seasons 6 and 7
    • Updated models/materials for The Dead Head, The Scoped Spartan, The Patriot's Pouches, The Sub Zero Suit, Fear Monger, Co-Pilot, Tough Stuff Muffs, The Toowoomba Tunic, Weight Room Warmer, The Bootie Time, and The Big Elfin Deal
    • Updated The Federal Casemaker to hide the Scout's headphones
    • Updated the localization files

    Read on the TF2 Blog...
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    This is huge. P-REC no longer needed.
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    These are the in-game options for the demo menu. Note that Auto-save a screenshot at the end of a match is ticked by default which goes for all matches (including pubs) so if you don't want to have your hard drive cluttered with scoreboard screenshots you turn that option off.
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    You know what this means? Not yet someone look through all the files and see what secret stuff they added!
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    And these things can be messed with using the Replay Editor?
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    Easy binds:

    bind KP_UPARROW "ds_record"
    bind KP_PGUP "ds_stop"
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    I only care about this. Who needs a new and functional recording mode when I can finally troll everyone with the bison,cowmangler and pomson?

    Still,it's a nice update. I was never interested in all the "self-recording" shenanigans. I might give it a try.
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    It's not really Shenanigans. It's required for League play.