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    An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:
    Scream Fortress VII has arrived!
    • Comic and additional information available on the website (
    • Featuring 4 community maps: Gorge Event, Sinshine, Moonshine Event, and Hellstone
    • Added the Gargoyle Case which contains 19 community made cosmetics
    • Added two new community-made taunts to the Mann Co Store: Soldier's Requiem and Zoomin' Broom
    • Collect the souls of dead players for your Gargoyle by killing enemies, doing map objectives, or collecting the Soul Gargoyles that spawn in the maps
    • Scream Fortress VII runs through November 11th, 2015
    • During Scream Fortress VII
      • All players who launch the game will receive a Gargoyle
        • Gives access to Merasmissions and Halloween item transmutations
        • Tracks Merasmissions completed and souls collected
      • Added Merasmissions
        • A new Merasmission will be available daily up to a total of 13
        • Completing a Merasmission will give players a classic Halloween item and a chance of the Gargoyle Case
      • Added Halloween Transmuting
        • Transmuting can be accessed by clicking the Gargoyle in your backpack and selecting Halloween Transmute from the context menu
        • Players can transmute 3 qualifying items to receive a non-tradable classic Halloween item. A bonus item will be given for every 10th transmute.
      • Mann Co Supply Crates will have a chance for a classic Halloween Unusual effect
    • General
      • Added inspect animations for the Batsaber and the Giger Counter
      • Fixed an idle animation bug for the Wrangler
      • Lowered the speed penalty for getting stunned by a ghost from 50% to 25%
      • Lowered damage of the "bats" spell from 60 to 40
      • HHH's axe has dulled a bit and no longer guarantees death, but is still very lethal
      • Fixed an exploit related to picking up The Widowmaker
      • Fixed the Batsaber not showing the Killstreak sheen
      • Fixed a scoreboard stat reset bug in Mann vs. Machine
      • Optimized texture memory usage
      • Fix some cases of random hitching experienced by some players
      • Fixed overhead icons stacking on top of each other and now appear side-by-side
      • Added "Sort by Date" to the backpack. Newest acquired or altered items are sorted to the front.
      • Cosmetics that have Rarity and are part of a collection no longer show a cosmetic item level
      • Fixed the buildcubemaps command failing to update cubemaps for maps that already have cubemaps
      • Fixed a case where running the game with -buildcubemaps would generate all black cubemaps
      • Updated cp_powerhouse to fix a couple places where players could stand on top of doorways
      • Updated The Infernal Impaler, L'homme Burglerre, The Spooky Shoes, The Spooky Sleeves, Cuban Bristle Crisis, The Grimm Hatt, Medi-Mask, The Bearded Bombardier, The Colonel's Coat, The Killer's Kit, The Vascular Vestment, The Physician's Protector, The Cold Killer, The Courtier's Collar, The Physician's Procedure Mask, The War Pig, Respectless Robo-Glove, Insulated Inventor, The Dry Gulch Gulp and The Minsk Beef with the latest changes from the authors
      • Updated koth_probed
        • Improved optimization of map (especially on mid)
        • Fixed clipping issues (thanks Muselk!)
        • Fixed Engineer imbalance on mid (thanks Uncle Dane!)
        • Added in missing explosion sound effect on aliens
        • Fixed a few prop/ material issues
        • Reduced prop usage
    • PASS Time update
      • Fixed viewmodel/worldmodel when tf_passtime_ball_model is set
      • Added convar: tf_passtime_ball_sphere_collision
      • Added entity: tf_logic_on_holiday
    • Mannpower update
      • No longer in Beta
      • Added new map: Hellfire
      • Three new powerups: King, Plague, Supernova
      • Grappling hook changes
        • Reduced max rope distance
        • Reduced grapple dismount jump height
        • 30% hook movement speed penalty for Heavyweapons
      • Flag rule changes
        • Flags can no longer be returned by touching them
        • When dropped, flags return after a timeout. This timeout does NOT reset if the flag is picked up again before it returns or is captured
        • 25% hook movement speed penalty for powered up flag carriers (with the exception of Agility)
        • Small health regeneration for non-powered up flag carriers
        • Flags and capture zones are disabled for 30 seconds after a capture
      • Powerup rule changes
        • When killed, your powerup will drop as the enemy team color. Deliberately dropped powerups are neutral colored
        • You cannot pick up enemy colored powerups
        • Team colored powerups will attempt to respawn in that team's base if not picked up in time
      • Other changes
        • Overhead powerup icons are now team colored
        • Warlock powerup renamed to Reflect
        • Reduced Knockout max health bonus for demos carrying swords and shields
        • Haste now increases huntsman firing speed
      • Bug fixes
        • Reflect damage no longer occurs after death (Pyro afterburn)

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    output: IsAprilFools
    output: IsFullMoon
    output: IsHalloween
    output: IsSmissmas
    output: IsTFBirthday
    output: IsValentimes
    output: IsNothing
    output: OnUser1
    output: OnUser2
    output: OnUser3
    output: OnUser4
    input: Fire
    input: TeamNum
    input: SetTeam
    input: Kill
    input: KillHierarchy
    input: Use
    input: Alpha
    input: AlternativeSorting
    input: Color
    input: SetParent
    input: SetParentAttachment
    input: SetParentAttachmentMaintainOffset
    input: ClearParent
    input: SetDamageFilter
    input: EnableDamageForces
    input: DisableDamageForces
    input: DispatchEffect
    input: DispatchResponse
    input: AddContext
    input: RemoveContext
    input: ClearContext
    input: DisableShadow
    input: EnableShadow
    input: AddOutput
    input: FireUser1
    input: FireUser2
    input: FireUser3
    input: FireUser4

    Can now make seasonal changes to maps!
    IsValentines -> turn all smokestack particles into heart particles
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    Nothing is my favorite holiday
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    Wait, when did Valentines day become a TF2 recognized Holiday?
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    I don't know but all my future maps are going to have pink colour correction enabled only on valentines day
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    I'm pretty sure Valentines Day has been a TF2 holiday for several years but Valentines Day mode doesn't actually do anything.
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    Woo! Congrats all!
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    Yay, more game breaking things! Woohoo!

    I mean, it's totally intended that jarateed players can't get shot in the head anymore right?
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    This entity uses the logic_auto icon, so I'm assuming it only fires these outputs when the map is loaded for the first time.
    Does it also fire while the map is running? Say, you're playing on a fun map and suddenly there's a Full Moon, then I'd like the entity to fire this output while the map is running.

    Can anyone confirm or disprove this?
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    I'd imagine that they only change holiday when changing map.