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    An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:
    • Fixed a case where move speeds could be exploited using player view angles
    • Fixed an exploit related to Bonk! Atomic Punch and Crit-a-Cola
    • Fixed cosmetic items not using the correct team skins when attached to ragdolls
    • Fixed a bug related to cancelling the Eureka Effect taunt and teleporting immediately
    • Fixed baseballs causing teleporter exits to detonate
    • Updated The Five-Month Shadow to fix a paint-related problem
    • Updated The Merc's Mohawk so it can be equipped by all classes
    • Updated the equip_region for the Exquisite Rack
    • Updated beta map pl_cactuscanyon
      • Redesigned the alternate window route over the choke point by stage 2 capture point 1
      • Window overlooking second stage final capture point is now a doorway
      • Removed stairs leading to back barn in stage 2 near final capture point
      • Back alley behind water tank in stage 2 is now a 1-way drop down
      • Added small health pack in the small room off the back stairwell flank near stage 1 capture point 2
      • Fixed players building in spawn rooms
    • Updated beta map rd_asteroid
      • Mode changes
        • Players must steal at least 25 points before they can leave the vault with the reactor core
        • Updated power core pick up sound
        • Updated robot death effects and sounds
        • Updated HUD layout
      • Map changes
        • Layout has been adjusted with the overall goal of increasing players ability to participate in creating points for their team
        • Added terrain path and cave entrance under mid bridge. Exit is located near the large row of windows. Cave contains a medium health pack
        • Widened play space near cave exit leading into large row of windows
        • Added small ammo pack to underwater flank that leads to enemy reactor vault
        • Added small health kit to staging area before the interior battlements
        • Reduced ammo pack near vault from full to medium
        • Added alcove near front door staging area
        • Robots have been rearranged
          • A robots now circle the staircase near the front door
          • B robots now roam the interior bridge above the water
        • Enabled flashing lights when a team's power reactor has been stolen
        • Fixed broken stair collision when exiting the water near the bridge. In some cases it would push players back into the water.
        • Added player blocker to ledge above exterior battlements
        • Widened glass tunnel flank doorway near C robots
        • Increased attackers spawn time by 1 second

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    Changes to asteroid sound good on paper....
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    You know what this means! We schedule some time to replay the changed maps!
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    I just walked through the new version.

    Funny thing is they basically took my paintover suggestions, combined the idea of the small side route with the tunnel, and put them in. So I guess if it plays worse now, it's my fault for giving them the idea! ;)

    Though really I'm just thrilled that they're paying such close attention to the community feedback. And regular updates with map changes, too!

    Also, the large crate at last/reactor is still a large on BLU's side. It's changed to a medium on RED's.
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    I like the sound of the 25-core minimum capture, since it shows players how the capture-cores-over-time mechanic works.

    That's the one part of RD that never seemed to be effectively explained or shown to players. From what I've seen, players that were new to the gamemode just rushed in to the vault, touched the core, and sped off with it, which is reasonable behavior if they don't know yet know how the core capturing works and treat it just like CTF.

    This seems like a good way to show players that core capturing works a bit differently without being too intrusive about it; you keep them in the vault for a bit, they see that their stolen cores go up with time, they add two and two and understand how it works immediately. Pretty neat idea, if you ask me.
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    TF2Maps confirmed as Valve's bitch. XD
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    Sure you don't mean that the other way around?
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