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    An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:
    Mann vs. Machine
    • Operation Two Cities
      • Two new maps: mvm_mannhattan and mvm_rottenburg
      • New advanced tour featuring four missions
      • Two extra Boot Camp-only missions
    • Added 14 new achievements
    • Tour of Duty badge levels are no longer limited to 200
    • Players can earn a "Refund Upgrades" credit by collecting money during waves
      • The amount required is listed in the scoreboard, and varies per-mission
      • Any money collected – whether winning or losing – will count toward earning a credit
      • To redeem, visit an Upgrades station and click the "Refund Upgrades" button
      • Any money spent on buy-backs and Canteen charges will not be refunded
    • Detailed player performance stats added to the scoreboard
      • Damage and Tank. Total damage done to Gray Mann's forces.
      • Healing. Direct healing done to other players.
      • Support. A composite value that reflects anything a player has done to help their team:
        • Examples: reset a bomb, stun or slow an enemy, provide increased damage, block damage with invulnerability or shield, and lots more.
      • Money. The amount each player has collected.
    • Players can inspect upgrades on teammates via the "Inspect" key ("I" by default)
    • Fixed the Romevision tank not animating
    • Medic
      • Revive (no upgrade required)
        • Teammates leave behind a revive marker when they die
        • Target the marker with your medigun to revive them
      • Projectile Shield Upgrade
        • Build Energy by healing teammates, reviving and preventing damage via Invuln ÜberCharge.
        • Press ATTACK3 to activate when Energy meter is full (mouse3 by default)
        • While active:
          • Blocks all enemy projectiles
          • Damages enemies on touch
      • Mad Milk Syringes Upgrade
        • Syringe Gun needles apply Mad Milk (heal-on-hit for teammates) on contact
      • Healing Mastery Upgrade (previously two separate upgrades)
        • +25% heal rate per point
        • +25% revive rate per point
        • +25% self-regen rate per point
      • Overheal Expert Upgrade (previously two separate upgrades)
        • +25% more overheal per point
        • +50% duration per point
      • Canteen Specialist Upgrade
        • Shares canteen charge effects with heal target
        • +1 second charge duration per point
        • -10 canteen charge price per point
    • Soldier
      • Rocket Specialist Upgrade
        • +15% rocket speed per point
        • On direct hits
          • Stuns target (duration increases per point)
          • +15% increased blast radius per point
          • No range-based falloff damage
    • Heavy
      • Attack Projectiles Upgrade
        • Now has two levels
          • Level one is less effective than before
          • Level two is more effective than level one used to be
        • Price reduced from 600 to 400 per point
      • Rage Pushback upgrade activation moved to ATTACK3 (mouse3 by default)
    • Added a new community map cp_snakewater_final1
      • Added new map stamp and strange filter to the Mann Co. Store
    • Added new achievements for Snakewater, Process, and Standin
    • Older event crates no longer expire on login, but have been updated to indicate they can no longer be opened
    • about:blank should now be a legal URL and won't get blocked for MOTD
    • Fixed bots using the Phlogistinator being able to airblast enemies
    • Fixed the stock Shotgun not appearing in the backpack with "Show stock items" option turned on
    • Fixed a problem causing map stamp leaderboards to not update under certain circumstances
    • Weapons
      • Baby Face’s Blaster
        • Speed penalty changed to -10% (From -35%)
        • Boost is now only partially lost on air jumps instead of all jumps
        • Reduced Clip Size to 4
        • Removed 40% more accurate attribute
        • Removed Damage Penalty attribute
        • Speed at max boost is same as before (520)
      • Amputator
        • Added -20% damage penalty
        • Added +3 health per second when Weapon is Active bonus
      • Crusader’s Crossbow
        • Updated damage over distance: bolts now do a maximum of 75 damage (+variance) at max distance
      • Liberty Launcher
        • Added 25% reduced self damage from rocket jumps
      • Eyelander
        • Moved the eye glow position to Demoman’s eye patch. Changed the color to Cursed green.
    • VR Mode
      • Now supports resolutions other than 1280x800
      • Now supports cloning the main display (instead of using the Rift as an extended display)
      • Sharpness of the output has been significantly improved
      • Head-and-neck model has been fixed to remove unnecessary translation

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    'Bout time they fixed the Amputator so it wasn't a straight upgrade.