ARENA TDM_Simple_Fort

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    I have built the map as far as i can and now idk what else to do i have to add a environment around it and maybe near do it for my first map.

    so if people could leave a comment and what need to be fixed have some tester's testing it please and i would love you all if some one had this on there server OMG that would be amazing.
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    For a start you could put up screenshots. Nobody will download your map without seeing screenshots first.
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    1. Dont use mediafire or similar sites, we have hosting built into this site.
    2. Upload screenshots, or nobody will click this once its off the front page.
    3. Include lights, as far as I'm aware, we don't allow fullbright (unlit) maps on gamedays.
    4. Don't use HL2 textures. When you use the texture browser, use the filter "tf".
    5. Doors are too slow, they need to be around 500 speed to be practical.
    6. Put a smooth sloped brush with the tools_playerclip texture over the stairs so people don't bump around when walking up them.
    7. Add functioning game entities. Right now it doesn't have a game mode, and most people (understandably) don't like deathmatch.
    8. The layout is far too simple, it won't play well. I've seen enough of these kinds of maps submitted for gamedays to know that this won't go over well and will probably end in someone finding a way to get into the other team's spawnroom or something similar. I would recommend practicing some more before you release a map.

    Hope I helped, good luck.
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