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  1. Vert

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    Hello and good day everybody,
    and welcome all to cp_tatry!
    A map of wondrous heights and falls,
    yes I can tell you it's got it all.

    A winding path up the monstrous mountain,
    its height in HU is over 2000.
    A gargantuan map with huge proportions,
    so let's hope the blue team has some forutne.

    It's attack/defend with two points to contest,
    so you all know there will be sentry nests.
    While it may look hard for the blues to move on,
    they thankfully get a forward respawn.

    When detailed it will be the prettiest,
    but now its dev's look like the sh*ttiest!
    Coming from the beautiful Tatry Mountains,
    Brought to you with that TF2 action!

    Poem for a4:

    It's been a while since I came to this map,
    It's been a while since 'cause hammer is crap,
    It's been a while since blue has won,
    So they finally get a forward respawn.

    A lot of new changes were created
    A lot of new things made this belated
    A lot of new edits are in this version,
    Such as details to enhance the immersion

    We've got a new route to point B,
    We've got forward spawns (finally)
    We've got more things coming your way,
    So let's see this, on the next gameday!

    Ms. Mudpie am I getting better at poetry? :3
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  2. Pocket

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    Our bandwidth is not nearly as limited as that.
    You should repost those screenshots in high quality, stat.
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  3. MegapiemanPHD

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    For this map, the biggest thing I would fear
    is spawn-camping the blu's, so add a door in the rear.
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  4. Zed

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    Your poetry needs fixing up I'm afraid, Vert, my dear.
    The emphasis is on the wrong syllables so the rhyming feels queer.

    And the rhyming scheme changes (in the last stanza at that.)
    See and beauty also don't rhyme, you desperate tat.

    Nor do thingy and tatry. But rhymes contest and nest.
    Near rhymes are not rhymes, and naught do I jest.

    Nit-picky inter-stringed couplets yay

    EDIT: Oh wait contest and nest do rhyme in this context.
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  5. Vert

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    "I feel as if I've been beaten.
    Surely a punch in the face.
    My poetry skills; they don't pay the bills,
    Yes I've been put in my place."

    Anyways a2 is out, with fixed-up everythings. Enjoy!
  6. Tumbolisu

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    At least these images are able to load with my shit internet.
    I ain't even gonna try rhyming.
  7. Vert

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    How 'bout this.

    "For once pictures load in no time,
    But please don't expect me to rhyme."

    It's like midnight for me; I'm kinda losing it.:bored:
  8. Crash

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    You might call me crazy, but those screenshots are lazy.
    Why should we get the map, when it looks as if you don't give a crap?
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  9. Yacan1

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    Your screenshots are shit
    I'm bad at rhymes
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  10. PyroDevil

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    This map was up on the gameday, vert
    and boy, did all those sniper shots hurt
    It seems your sightlines need to be revised
    There were so many demos through the skies
    My suggestion would be, to add buildings, you see
    to swat those snipers and demos like flies

    Upward is probably a good example of this
    It has buildings to stop demos, not something to dismiss
    Buildings break up sightlines those snipers do enjoy
    Add some of those, and stop their ploy

    A forward spawn would be great
    Something blu would appreciate
    Teles were the only thing sending us out
    Without those, it was a very long route

    The death pit at point B
    Can be improved, you see
    Make it a little tougher to fall into
    or to air blast, which pyros do
    add some props like a fence
    or at lease something that makes sense

    I have said this before, it’s in my steam name
    This map, of course “needs more trains”

    TL: DR,Add forward spawn,improve sightlines, and improve death pit
    (this took too long to write)
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  11. Muddy

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    You guys suck at the art of the poem.
    Angelou and Poe; it's like you hardly know 'em.
    Half your words don't even rhyme,
    And your rhythm's off most of the time.

    Take some lessons, go to school
    Hopefully then, you won't be such a fool.
    If rhyming's your thing, then please bear in mind,
    That poetry critics may seem quite unkind.

    Sadly I couldn't take part in this gameday
    (Saturday turned out to be quite a lame day)
    But from what I heard, guys got a rise
    Solely out of the map's sheer size.

    But then again I weren't there to play,
    So worry not 'bout the things that I say.
    My point is, your poems make me want to cry.
    Yours quite sincerely; Ms. Mudpie.
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  12. Vert

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    I find myself at a awkward dilemma,
    I simply don't know what to do.
    The point of my map is to be open,
    That's what my heart said is true.

    My map is based off a REAL location,
    That's it. No tricks, no lies.
    A wide open valley with a ĉhata on top,
    I saw it with my own eyes.

    The sightlines aren't as bad as you think,
    such as the ledge above the water
    You see, point A is IN THE WAY
    To make snipers not such a bother.

    Adding more buildings would ruin the vibe
    when detailed they'd be a sore thumb.
    As I said, this is a real location,
    which is why I'm not adding some.

    There are many side paths that lead to both points,
    they're just a bit out of the way.
    This is GOOD map design you see,
    More time walking the better the pay! (off)

    I won't disagree, this map needs work,
    but not in the places you say.
    I am honestly shocked that not one soul,
    noted how quickly blu captured point A.

    I am working diligently,
    a3 is soon on the way.
    I hope, by then, you playtesters,
    won't be angry about how much they hate these sightlines which aren't even that good for freaks sake.
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  13. Sheltr

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    Remember these are suggestions, this is your map and your map alone, you can do whatever you want with it. The map is way to open yes but if you don't feel like you want to change that you don't have to. There is always another map to be made and with each new one you will discover new ways of making a map better or adding that 'flow' that maps have.
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  14. PyroDevil

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    Looking back at my post, maybe a few things I said were blown out of proportion a bit. The sightlines are a long, but not to the point where snipers lock everything down. The spot that I was worried about was the sniper positions at near the top of the mountain that overlooked B. I myself was surprised that no one used that spot to stop blu from capping. What I said about the buildings was only a suggestion, you don't have to do it. Despite what I said, the map was fun to play on, it's not perfect, but it is entertaining.
    Also, this for some reason reminds me of the Swiss Alps
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  15. Dr. Sasha

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    Add more flanks.

    Better yet, fix up your screenshots, they are really bad quality.
  16. Harribo

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    I say make it a medieval mode map so that the sightlines don't matter a quarter as much, also the map feel like sieging an epic castle or something as attackers so it really fits in my mind. Also the map is kinda pretty for dev textured map
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  17. Vert

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    Bump for a3.
    (Actually a3b)

    Laziest rhyme.
    Of all time.
  18. Zed

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    am and clan don't rhyme either

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  19. Vert

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    Bump for a4 (Yeah, remember me?)

    I have discovered an amazing new rhyme,
    That puts all of my problems in line
    You see, the peculiar word "Tatry"
    Rhymes beautifully well with the word "Poetry"

    See? It makes too much sense!

    Well, its not perfect, but I bet you cant do any better :/
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