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Discussion in 'Models' started by III_Demon, Nov 5, 2008.

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    after making the pieces of mine cart track i posted a while ago, i got annoyed with the little imperfections, mostly how the textures didnt line up perfectly with the original valve track pieces.

    now i've managed to set up a base model in maya that i can very easily turn into perfect track, it'll match the original track pieces well enough that nobody will be able to tell. so.. i'm taking requests. anyone need any custom track?

    i've already made, and will be updating:
    track pieces:
    45 degree 128 unit radius curve
    32 unit long straight

    track bits:
    a single tie, single 32 unit long rail, and 3 bent rail pieces

    i'll be making:
    45 degree and/or 22.5 degree turn sections in 256, 512, 1024 radius

    anyone need anything else? it'll be a week or so before i get to it all. throw me your ideas before then and i'll make them and release it all as a pack.
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    How about a spiraling track? a big 90° turn that starts a 0 units height and ends at... I dunno, 128 units maybe. connecting them together would result in a big spiral upwards.

    I can see how it would make some nice map geometry (Not the huge spiral tower design, I'm talking 1 or maybe 2 connected ones to make a sloped curve.)

    One that increases to the right and another to the left.

    This is not something I need at the moment, just a suggestion for a track model if you feel you're up for it.
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    I agree with this man.
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    Please add your 'broken track' pieces to the list, because I really liked those. (adding a link to the files would be helpful too)
    I also agree with the other request, but maybe you can make more than one; one that goes to the center of the spiral, one that goes out, one that just goes up in a spiral, etc..