Take and Hold

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    Nvm i got it working.

    Working on throwing together a Take and Hold system together, very much glued and sticky taped together atm.

    3 cap points, capped in any order.
    1 red home point
    1 neutral middle point
    1 blue home point

    Home points award a sub-point every 30 seconds
    Middle point awards a sub-point every 45 seconds

    round ends if either team hits 16 (temp number) or if the time runs out, team with most points win and are awarded normal point, teams are switched, go again.

    However i've hit a few snags.
    Capping all the points still counts as a full cap.
    home caps appear and are locked until neutral point is capped, which they shouldn't be.

    Everything else works, just can't figure this out
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