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    So you like aggression, tackles, teamwork and fast gameplay? Then I might got the perfect map for you!

    The scout and the soldier always missed something from their home. So I decided to make them feel more home with this awesome American Football map. Yes, that’s right, an AMERICAN FOOTBALL map! Make yourself feel home and play the role you like in this football match.

    In the attacking team are:
    The Soldier
    The Scout
    The demoman

    In the defending team are:
    The heavy
    The pyro
    The Sniper

    In the special team are:
    The medic
    The Spy
    The Engineer

    If you want to win, make a touchdown 11 times. That sounds too easy right? Well, the defending team can stand on the ‘in-goal’ area to avoid a touch-down.
    But wait, you think that you have no change to score if they keep camping like campers on a long vacation? That’s why there is that nice big goalpost where you can jump trough. The goalpost isn’t block able so you can always score if you aren’t drunk and if you can jump high enough!

    So stop playing lazily outside where you can get hurt for real, and get inside behind your computer to play some TF2 Football!

    Some notes:
    I want to take this project serieus. I believe that a 'sport' map can be balanced and ready for serieus play.
    There is a high chance that the gameplay mechanics are going to be changed after tests.
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    please make the model a football that goes under the arm.. PLEASE.
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    This Sounds really funny. But for what is the Special Team? xD

    The Only thing that would be cool at such a Map: Throw the "Football" to a Teammate xD
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    Well, I can't work with any 3d moddeling programm so I should need to ask someone.

    In an instruction video some guy said that there were the attacking players, the special players and the defending players (in the same team). Since I don't know what they precisely do I put the classes without a specific class in there :p

    A demo can 'throw', but he would probably only survive 2 throws if he is lucky :p