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Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by Armadillo of Doom, May 27, 2010.

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    Oh man, I haven't done this in like forever, lol. First is the big news. Our competitive CTF contest finally, at long last, has the top 10 11 maps. I'm updating the server rotations as fast as I can. You'll have a few days to play, then it's voting time. Check it; Second, Summer is here :D We haven't had Gamedays since the prelims started, and I'm hoping to change that. If you're interested in being an official Gameday helper, just lemme know.

    I'd also like to get more 'play for fun events'. Just run a few custom maps and enjoy the game. No feedback, no obligations, just enjoying custom-TF2 goodness. As before, anyone interested in helping should contact me. In immediate news, I'm doing my ingame chats again, starting with everybody's favorite, Details 101. Lastly in the fun news, my blogging friend wrote a great article about the Creative Arts :) Specifically, TF2M gets a bump in the playtesting section;

    And lastly, the time has come again for everybody to get a refresher in forum etiquette ;) Specifically, when posting in a release-thread. Authors are free to accept feedback or not. Just b/c a poster thinks something is an out-right bad decision, doesn't give you an excuse to be a dick about it. Conversely for those who post feedback, keep it civil. Tell the author your playing experience, make a suggestion, and be done with it. Also, while 1-shot pictures are amusing, I'd prefer you try and keep them in Off-Topic.

    Creepy Bear is back, and he's busting heads vertexes.
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    Hes back and making the community better!
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    Indeed. And now he's here to--

    No, wait...
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    what is the IP for the server?
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    US Server:

    EU Server:
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    I'm thinking of recording gamedays and putting them on my youtube channel, maybe providing a bit of feedback as well, once I get sony vegas...