Super Easy Way to Make a TF2 Styled Texture

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How does the texture look?

  1. It looks great, I'm going to use this technique!

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  2. It looks okay, but it could use some manual finishing.

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  3. It looks alright, but I've seen better ways to quickly make a TF2 texture.

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  4. It looks okay, but it doesn't really fit the TF2 style.

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  5. It looks pretty bad, honestly.

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  6. No offense, but your texture is utter garbage.

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  1. TheBestUsername

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    So I was playing around with Photoshop, trying to find a fast, easy way to TF2-ize some textures. I think I've found a way to do it in just minutes.

    First, download any 1024x1024 texture and import it into Photoshop (don't worry whether it tiles or not, it's not going to tile after the next step, anyway).

    Go to Filter > Artistic > Palette knife. I used these settings:

    Stroke Size: 25
    Stroke Detail: 3
    Softness: 0

    Change the Stroke Size around until you find one that best fits your image, but keep the Stroke Detail and Softness the way I did. In my test they didn't look too pleasant any other way.

    In this particular instance I also added a Noise Filter set to 5% and monocromatic. It helped to achieve a more sandlike look.

    After that, just follow your standard steps to make any texture tile. Clean it up and play with the colors until you're satisfied.


    After Palette Knife:

    After Noise Filter:

    I didn't bother to make the finished test texture tile, but you get the idea.

    So, what do you think? Good result? Bad result? Does it fit the TF2 style? Any ways I can improve it? Are there other filters or tools that produce better results? Is it better to paint your TF2 textures with the Brush tool? Let me know what you think below.
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  2. LeSwordfish

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    It looks tf2y but... i clicked the last picture first and couldn't tell what it was.
  3. Beetle

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    The more methods to play around with, the better. Though, obviously if you are artistic, hand-drawn is always the way to go.

    but it doesn't look too bad like that. might be a good starting point to then draw over.