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    Suijin Gallery - An edited Suijin VMF

    Welcome to Suijin Gallery, an edited VMF of Suijin, the Japanese KOTH map!

    The gallery version focuses on removing all brushes that would otherwise obstruct the view in hammer, allowing for you to look around easily, and see what models and textures work together/are used to create the theme the map is based on

    This time, I have taken the time to put every single brush I would have otherwise deleted into separate Visgroups, the 5 current ones being:
    Optimisation brushes
    Misc (NoGrenades and Block Bullets)

    Just leave a comment if I missed a brush out, or messed something else up and I will try and fix it ASAP

    Yours truly,
  2. Yrr

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    hey were you aware you could just use this menu on the original vmf to achieve this?
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    I've deleted this download because there is no reason for this to exist and is not your work to have decompiled and made... not function like a map? As @Yrr says you can also just use vis groups to achieve what you did in seconds.
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