Suggested release stategy of alpha map.

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    When releasing a map for playtesting is it best to do it on a stage by stage basis or as the full map?

    Im looking soon to release an alpha1 of my dustbowl style map CP_Spindle and I am wondering whether to offer the entire thing for playtest or to split it up into individual stages.

    What is the norm, and what would you guys recommend?
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    If you do it stage by stage, you'll get more feedback, based on how balanced each stage is. (They should get progressively harder really). Ontop of your regular feedback.

    I can't see any benefit of releasing it stage by stage. To be honest. If anything people might forget to feedback your map, since a single stage in between what usually consist of entire maps, can be forgotton about, and confuse playtesters.

    Stages have only been singularly released in the past when a player has had to release for early tests because of competition deadlines.
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