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Suddenly can't select anything in Hammer

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by KidSquid, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. KidSquid

    KidSquid L1: Registered

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    Anyone else getting this? This morning I was mapping away fine, this afternoon I can't select anything.

    I have even hit ESC a couple times and then clicked the selection tool, no go. Tried a computer reboot, still nothing.
  2. TracerDX

    TracerDX L3: Member

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    I think I might get that occasionally too. Dunno why. Always happens at startup at random times. Does it go into mouse look when you click in the 3D view instead of selecting as well? I usually just wipe my hand across the keyboard hitting all the keys to fix it, guessing its some function I know nothing about toggled by a keystroke. I discovered it in frustration of course, yet it seems to work like a charm. :sneaky2:

    Of course, then I usually have to go thru and set the things I do know about back to the way I want.
  3. MaGicBush

    MaGicBush L2: Junior Member

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    I get the same thing when hitting 'z' in the 3d view to mouselook and fly around, then hit z again to turn mouselook off. Sometimes after doing that it wont select things, to fix this just hit the 'space' bar.
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