Submitting Your Map For Competitive Testing

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Jun 27, 2016
1. Before you upload.
Your map needs to be in a playable state for it to be played. You must meet the following.
  • Your map is compiled - You have to compile your map before it can be played, make sure you are uploading the BSP, not the VMF, to the site.
  • Your filename must be all lowercase and have no special characters - This is a general rule of thumb for any filename storage. Our servers are Linux-based, and don't like it if it attempts to load a map with capital letters, spaces, special characters, etc. Stick to just lowercase letters, underscores, and numbers.
  • Your map must have a gamemode prefix and a version suffix - Before compiling your map, if there is no gamemode prefix (ctf_, cp_, pl_, etc) or version suffix (_a1, _b2, _rc1, etc), you'll need to add one before uploading. Some gamemodes function off of the gamemode prefix, and a version suffix ensures that players can download multiple versions of the same map, without running into map-differ errors.
  • Your map should have lighting and shouldn't be leaking - Fullbright means that there is no lighting in your map, make sure your map is properly lit before submitting it. A leak in your map can cause optimization and lighting issues, which should be plugged before a test.
  • Custom content, if implemented, must be packed - You can use tools such as CompilePal or VIDE to pack custom assets into your map. Without packing, the server won't be able to get collision data for custom models, and players without the assets will see error textures and models!
  • Your map needs to function! - Run through your map to make sure everything is working! Doors open, capture points can be captured, players spawn in the right rooms, etc. If your map breaks during a session, it will be skipped!
2. Uploading.
You need to upload your map to the tf2maps site. More information can be found on this here.

3. Test it in casual (optional but recommended).

This helps you find any bugs you might have missed like broken spawns or logic. Learn about that here.

4. Creating the megathread.
Create the thread here:
An example is posted here:

The point of the megathread of to centralize all the feedback you are going to be getting from competitive testers. This thread allows experienced players to download the map beforehand and find any glaring issues before it gets testing, saving some stress for the testers.

In the megathread you should post a few things. The name of the map, minimum of one image (more are better), link to the download thread, the format you are designing for, some goals for the map (strong holds, modified payload, etc.), and anything else that comes to mind.

5. Getting feedback before submitting.
In this megathread we ask you have experienced competitive players download the map beforehand and leave feedback to help mitigate any major issues that might be present in order to save some time during testing. This is another hurdle you have to do but it will help raise the bar for the quality of maps.

6. Submitting to the map list.
This is no different than submitting a map normally in casual except you need to leave in the notes what you wanted it tested for. 6s or highlander.
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