Subconscious Additions to Maps

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    Tally-ho, good sirs! I'm here to give you a little read-up of some Subconscious Additions. Meaning, things you add without thinking, per se.

    Righty-o, let's get started.

    1. Spray Walls

    Whether it be a large barrier at setup time, or a wall outside your spawn, people always want a large area that can be overrun by everyone's sprays.

    Said areas are often large and easily visible by either team, and in most cases, unavoidable. People declare this as their spray's location because of that alone - that people can see it.

    Example - Coordinates

    Badwater Basin - 2680 -1200 320


    Badwater Basin - -320 221 183


    2Fort - 500 1490 329


    2. Phallic Objects

    Everyone knows that guy or group of friends that instantly bursts into laughter upon sight of a Phallic object - or penis prop - perhaps you are even one yourself.

    Of course Phallic Objects have lost their once meaningful purpose - power. Now, it's all one helluva laugh riot once someone catches a glimpse of a penis-shaped rock in the corner of their eye.

    Perhaps Valve made these props intentionally? They've shown in the past that they are quite loyal and familiar with their community. Yet, like the number of licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, the world may never know.

    Or you're looking too hard.

    Example - Coordinates

    Badwater Basin - 937 -886 542


    Granary - -1344 -5741 -349


    3. Environmental Deaths

    Mm, yes. That first time anyone played Lumberyard, they walked right off that Log. The first step in Nucleus was off the ledge. The first kill in Sawmill was at the hands of the Sawblades.

    People love to die.

    No matter what the cause of death is, people love to get obliterated by anything that isn't Human. If people know that a map has an Environmental Death hidden somewhere within it's Skybox, people will make a dash for it on their first time.

    Nothing beats getting chopped up inconveniently by a Sawblade, falling off a ledge several thousand feet above a radioactive pit, or being caught by the cowcatcher of a neutral Train. No other player can kill you like that, and that, my friends, is why people love Environmental Deaths.

    Though it is a Love/Hate Relationship.

    Example - Coordinates

    Nucleus - -1 0 195


    Sawmill - 186 186 98


    Well - 1488 384 -500


    Well now, ladies and gents, that's all for today's subject!

    Stay tuned!
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    ive learned so much...