Stupid Map Idea: Triple Threat

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    I have this stupid idea for a map percolating in my head:

    A map which has a Payload, Capture Points, and Flag Briefcase on it, and you need to have all three in order to win.

    Would this stupid idea work better in Symmetrical (PLR) or Attack/Defend, I wonder.

    Is this worth developing any more?

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    Not worth developing. Players have a hard enough time comprehending CTF-A/D or evel the layout of linear, multi-objective maps like steel. There's a reason game modes like KoTH and PL are the most successful; they are simple and bring each time to a single contested location. Adding too many variables draws out the game as progress will be easily reset by losing one of the many objectives and fatigues players in doing so. Such a concept would stalemate with players trying to do too many things at once.

    Besides, many of the game mode mechanics are hard coded into single entities that you cannot hybrid, at least in no legitimate sense which can be illustrated on the HUD. If you're looking to combine more than 2 game modes it'd be impossible to do "properly" as without th HUD players are largely useless (and nobody seems to read the map text at the start of the round).
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