Stuck in a spinning brush, need help

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May 4, 2017
I've been working on this map for a long time and have gone through many iterations of it. My latest idea of a giant auger in the middle of the map was cool, but it was just a fancy death pit. I isolated it in a test map but found that trying to stand on it just gets you stuck as it rotates through. As of now its a func_physbox attached to a phys_motor entity. Is there any way to have a rotating brush with a complicated shape that you can walk/ride on?

The auger itself is made up of many individual brushes and compiled the map with default advanced settings, don't know if that has any affect on what's going on but yeah. I've included the .bsp file and compile log of the map so if you want to test anything out in engine you can.

I've changed the phys_motor settings to:
Rotation Speed|15, Spin up time|0, System Interia Scale|2, Rotation Axis|0 0 -512, Attached Object|auger


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