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Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by henke37, Jan 11, 2016.

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    I am positive to the idea of listing people who do streams of them mapping. I even think it might be worth showing the number of active streams. However, the current visual look signals to me that there is something I personally care about. The design looks like a notification of an event I have expressed interest in.

    But, I haven't expressed any interest. I haven't subscribed to any mapper. There is no "event" that I am currently interested in.

    So, how about a different visual design to make it clearer that it is a global status and not a personally relevant event?
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    I disagree, its perfectly clear that it is a global status and is much more enticing for people to click on, which helps streamers, and you should easily be able to know that you do not care about it in the same manner as an event, because its in a different section than notifications.
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    I dunno henke, after participating in other communities like, etf2l, and UGC which have streams very visible on the sidebar I think it works fine for what it's intended for. It's not necessarily something that really merits change and probably the only reason it stands out to you so much is because it's new. As you give it time it'll fade into the background if you let it.