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Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by 6opoDuJIo, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. 6opoDuJIo

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    1 stage, 3 cp payload
    simple payload in a strange warehouse
  2. nik

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    Please disable shadows on all your track models.

    Also, making your map out of props usually isn't the most effective way to make it interesting, as all I can see from the screenshots is some very basic box-y areas with tons of prop spamming.
  3. StickZer0

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    To counter what nik said, don't disable the shadows on your tracks, instead add -staticproplighting to your compile options, it will make the props cast proper shadows, rather than none.
    It'll take a bit longer to compile, but it uses no extra file space and looks nicer for all props.
    Check out this article at for a better explanation.
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  4. Swordz

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    By the pics it looks cool, but in my opnion this should look strange in-game. A bit too many props in my vision
  5. red_flame586

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    First of all, when taking map screenshots, use this. It just makes the pictures look so much better.

    Secondly I see you have sight-lines that travel practically the entire length of the map, this could be a problem as snipers become strongly overpowered in these areas because no other classes can do much damage to them. Perhaps you should put some curves and stuff in the levels providing cover and a more interesting path. As well as that, the row of concrete barriers would act as a funnel making it harder to push the cart, making it practically impossible to escape a flank attack, and allowing red to sit on the other side of the cart, stopping it from moving whilst being protected from the blues behind it. It's a good idea, but i'd suggest removing it, at least on one side.

    Thirdly, take this part with a pinch of salt because my first map was 26 shipping crates placed around a control point, but the use of props as a primary barrier/wall isn't such a good idea. It isn't good for optimization, it isn't good for game play and despite what you might think, it starts to look really boring and repetitive really quickly.

    Finally, do what the others have said and put on the -staticproplighting thing to your compile options.