Strange water behavior in fast and full compile

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by _J_, Feb 14, 2020.

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    Water for some reason or another is emitting this strange behavior in my map, I don't know what can be causing it and building cubemaps does not solve the issue. Can anyone tell me what exactly is causing it and how to fix it?
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    If I see it correctly it seems like you have water at multiple heights in your level (indoor vs outdoor water). The source engine sadly doesn't support water at multiple heights. The easiest fix would be to move the indoor water levels to the same height as the rest of the water or delete them.
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    Simula is partially right. Source doesn't support expensive water at multiple levels being rendered at the same time. Expensive water is the good-looking kind of water, with fancy reflections and all that. Cheap water, which is water that doesn't look as good, can be used on multiple levels. Expensive water will revert to cheap water when its rules are violated. That's the effect you're seeing. When the water goes from good-looking to bad-looking, that means another water brush at a different level has entered your "PVS" (Potentially Visible Set, the set of all things that are being rendered). So you can either do what Simula said: level out all your water; or you can make all your water into cheap water. (Note: Another rule is that you can't have expensive and cheap water together; in that case, the expensive water will become cheap.)
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