Strange map corruption?

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    EDIT: It seems that there was a single displacement that was causing issue: a displacement with a power of 1, though strangely enough, adding this displacement back hasn't caused the issue again. I don't know if this is a documented issue or not; I couldn't find anything about it on the VDC wiki.


    I made a post a few days ago regarding why one of my maps was unable to compile any part of the map, finished in seconds and refused to write a bsp. Copying everything into a new map file didn't solve this.

    Eventually I "solved" this by turning off displacements originally, but turning displacements back on does nothing. Displacements aren't compiled at all seemingly -no collisions, no rendering. Copy and pasting them does nothing. I can only assume the displacements themselves are corrupted if nothing else

    Is this an unfixable map corruption or is there something that can be done to salvage the displacements?
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