Strange Dream I had the Other Night

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    I already posted this on the tf2c forums, but it was so odd that I felt compelled to repost it here.

    In this dream, I was going through various tf2 related sites when I came across an announcement from the TF2C tea, saying that they were going to give the Heavy Weapons Guy back something that Valve took away from him about a year after launch.

    I immediately started wondering what it could be. But all I could come up with was the nerf they gave him. It couldn't be that, it was just too recent.

    Curious, I began to dig deeper, trying to find out what it was. A few more posts sprang up announcing that the TF2C team would be giving the Heavy something Valve took away from him. Even the comments left on these posts, which celebrated this return, stopped short of saying what it actually was. I was beginning to get annoyed.

    Then, the big announcement came. Valve announced that this previously removed item would be returning to vanilla TF2 because of the overwhelming support people showed for it. That, and after retesting it, they found it to be perfectly balance. Yet, they too didn't say what it was. An ocean of new forum posts and comments along with them surged, with none of them saying the name of the item. Frustrated, I logged onto TF2, figuring I would have to see this thing for myself.

    I joined the game on a map that has never been in the game, yet in the dream I recognized it as being as common as 2fort. For those of you who played Halo, it had the same layout as Sidewinder, but with the desert environment of Blood Gulch, complete with tall canyon walls. I couldn't find this Heavy item in my inventory. Confused, I asked one of my RED teammates where I could find it. He gave me directions to a location in our base where the item was stored, but again, stopped short of saying what it actually was.

    Shortly before I entered the room, I heard someone mention the item on voice chat, and he finally said its name:

    "Dude! I am so happy Valve gave the Heavy back his...............helicopter!"

    And then I saw it. A small, white, one passenger helicopter with an open cockpit with a minigun directly beneath it on the bottom.

    Playing as the Heavy,I jumped in the helicopter right as other players began to talk about it.

    "I know, right?" another player said. "It's cool cause it lets the Heavy kill people from the air, but balanced because it moves slowly."

    They were correct, it moved slowly, but not so slow as to be annoying. And it was fun to use the mounted minigun against the enemy team. Then, I heard someone else say over voice chat that Valve announced that they'd be giving all the personal vehicles back to the rest of the classes, but before they could say the names of these vehicles, I woke up. It was such a stupid dream that I felt like sharing it.
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    Dude, don't you remember the Heavycopter? That was a classic item.
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    Yeah that was the best item ever.
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    I think you should stop playing tf2 for a moment.
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    New cart minigame confirmed?
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    I'm pretty sure after all I've been able to do with the tf2 engine so far I can make this a reality. I think I'll try and make a prefab, even.
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    This needs to be animated... with Heavy trying to to attack on dustbowl, then he positions the copter to cap A in that little shack. :O
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    "Cry some more! Ah hah hah!"
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    I love how you instantly think of how to balance it.

    Even in our dreams, we only care about balance
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    A few days before the last Christmas update I had a dream that Valve added maps that had the barrels that shoot you across the map like in the Donkey Kong games. There were also giant pinballs you could get stuck to and you would roll around like in Katamari Damacy.

    My dream was actually fairly close about the shooting around the maps part.
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    maybe in your next dream you'll be a spy and stab people in the back with a banana and all that remains will a banana peel on the ground for other players to slip on - but you know what? That sounds kinda fun!
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    and it will be balanced because you only get one!