KotH Storehouse

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    Hello there! I introduce my new map, called koth_storehouse! It's still in Alpha though. Post your feedbacks, suggestions, or anything that improves this map.

    If you want this map to be playable with bots, type in the console:
    sv_cheats 1; nav_generate; sv_cheats 0
    Proposed Story:
    "An old abandoned storehouse (or warehouse) that is located in the middle of an alpine forest that contains a lot of weapons and other equipment has been found recently by RED and BLU. The storehouse also appears to have an abandoned underground Spytech base. The two companies managed to face each other and the two companies are calling in their mercenaries to capture the old abandoned storehouse. They're in a bloodbath, and who will win and capture the storehouse?"

    Fact: A storehouse is another name for a warehouse.
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    It looks like the point is very overlooked. As in, The wood things, the containers, and the balconies all provide soldiers and demomen a way to spam down onto the point.
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    The platform that the cap is on looks like it's too high up, so you'd have to jump up onto it. Not good for flow. Unless you clipped it to be a ramp.