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    Well... this is my first map which I started working on last year for my TF2 clan which then became inactive (sadly), so I wanted to share this map with you and want to know what you generally think. The map is intended for servers having a maxplayers of 16 (more players on this small map would turn the whole thing into a clusterf*ck)

    Also, yes I know the map has brushes clipping into each other and some brushes not being 100% correctly in place, not textured correctly and so forth. I am aware of that and that will be fixed eventually.

    As this is my first real map I ask you not to be too harsh to me
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    There's a thing that I say to all mappers who care,
    (while embellishing all that I say
    with a bit of a frown and a pull at my hair
    as it comes to the end of the day).

    Get rid of those flatcar_containers, I tell you!
    You're depending on them as a crutch
    To conceal ineptitude hiding inside you
    And the fear that your map ain't worth much.

    Your map will be better, I say quite sincerely,
    (with the knowledge that right now it flops)
    If you built out of brushwork and sculpted displacements
    and stopped filling boxes with props.

    But nice try anyhow, I look forward to your future involvement in the community.
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    Plus, I must say, I'm very confused
    By the rows of turbines and the way they are used
    In the second screenshot, and also the third.
    They're not good supports - or at least, so I've heard.
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    And as you will see
    when constructing your first map
    you'll grow and improve

    For the work of a
    mapper is never complete
    from dawn to the dusk

    What? Thought I'd put a spin on things.
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    But don't feel hampered; it's just your first post
    You've learned to work hammer, that's better than most!
    You've got some potential to make something great
    Just learn what's essential, what you must create

    You need some height difference, some high ground and low
    Some sightlines at distance, but not too strong, though
    Your spies and your scouts will all need a way through
    So add some flank routes for them to go into

    Make hallways and doorways all spacious and wide
    So players aren't bumping the ceilings inside
    Give engies and demos some good ground to hold
    But add some back routes for the sneaky and bold

    And then, let our players run loose on your map
    But say all your prayers, since we won't hold back
    We'll find every flaw, every clip, every seam
    We'll pick your map raw, nothing good we will deem

    But know that we say these things not out of spite
    We'll show you the way to make all these things right
    So take what you learn and then put it to work
    Address each concern and fix each little quirk

    Don't ever abate from the time you begin
    You'll make your map great if you never give in
    Refine your design, and perfect each effect
    Just be kind to all, and you'll earn our respect.
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    Oh, and on a more serious (not that this phat poetry isn't serious) note, but you really should start your map in the Alpha instead of the Beta state. To heed my advice, change the "Map Version" section in the map description.
  7. Zed

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    So the will of the site
    (and my awkward compulsions)
    led me here to this thread
    to gaze upon your map.

    And I have to say:

    There's prop spam.
    Is it indoors? Underground?
    Setting seems not to make sense.

    It suffers like turbine;
    seems not to make sense
    that both teams are twenty feet from
    each other indoors.

    Free verse, bitches.
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    What the hell?
    Those turbines are freaking me out, that's not swell!

    What's that?
    Contrived rhymes?
    Well that's a surprise!

    (but really can't they just be pillars or something?)
  9. HQDefault

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    Hello, this is an irrelevant poem.
    As you can see I'm not good at rhyming :3
    Poem ends.
  10. Zed

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    Poems don't
    have to rhyme
    or even have a structure.
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    But maps do have to have a structure, which is the point of all this.