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    Hey Guys, I was wondering about the STEPS we should take in the development of the MAP.
    First we model it, then we optimize it, then the light, textures, cubemaps??

    I don´t know what to do next, because I´m in the optimizing part XD.

    I´m new in the Map making, so please understand I´m a Noob in this =(
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  3. LeSwordfish

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    everybody works differently. i build and texture the entire map, then cubemap and light on a room-by-room basis.
  4. Fr0Z3nR

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    Well for alpha, you make the map with dev or minimal tf2 textures, then you add basic "light" entities, a little bit of optimization, add the game type, etc.

    for Beta, thats when you do really good detailing, optimization, lighting, etc
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    Ideally, you should be considering optimization right from the very beginning of planning stages, or there's a chance you'll end up with a layout that's unoptimizable later. Even if you only add in hint brushes/areaportals later, you should have a general idea of where those things would go while planning the map.
  6. Pocket

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    Right. Optimization is an ongoing process. Things like hint brushes can wait until later stages in the development process, but converting your non-visibility-blocking brushwork into func_detail entities is an essential step and should be done as soon as they're built, before you even compile.
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    Thank you guys, it really help me to read those links.
    I´m starting by doing the models and now I´m optimizing it.
    I think I should go with the light work now.

    I hope I can show you soon what I´m doing, is not exactly a TF2 map but is kind of good to learn ;)
  8. Loc_n_lol

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    1) Have a plan
    2) Randomly lay out dev-textured brushes in hammer without following the plan
    3) Scrap plan because obviously it's not going to work
    4) Scrap map because it looks and plays like shit
    5) Repeat steps 2 and 4 until satisfied
    6) Playtest
    7) Tweak
    8) Add detail
    9) Repeat steps 6, 7 & 8 indefinitely.
    9 bis) At some point you may come to realize that your map looks and plays like shit. Go to step 4.
    10) ???
    11) Release !
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  9. Mr. Happy

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    Test it a whole bunch and make changes and keep updating the optimization while doing that.
    Slowly fill in the map and improve and refine it and keep thinking about how to change the structure to improve the optimization and gameplay.

    You can add broad layers of detail as you go and as you make changes, it will add up. I'd suggest not fully detailing room by room as some do but rather go in broad sweeps and layers of art accross the map.

    When artpass:
    0. Dev textures, ground textures, sky, basic env light, 1 cubemap, water control, large props layout and optimization essentially done
    1. Base textures
    2. Detail stairs and doors
    3. Adjust optimization and structure
    4. Func_details and rough out of bounds areas.
    5. More textures
    6. Overlays and more models
    7. Refine lighting
    8. Fog?
    9. Adjust structure for gameplay and optimization
    10. MORE ART!
    11. fade distances on props, mindxlevel on non colliding props?, func lod?
    12. adjust lightmap scales
    13. refine art so each area has clear gestalt
    14. optimize
    15. more cubemaps and finalize art and lighting

    (optional)16. find out everytihing is wrong.
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  10. REEJ

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    -start here-

    1. Plan on Paper
    2. Make in hammer
    3. Test on gameday
    4. Read highly discouraging feedback

    -Go back to 1 and repeat until satisfied-
  11. Mr. Wimples

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    1. Obtain box of wooden blocks
    2. Dump on the ground
    3. Observe Geometry
    4. Make map
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  12. Vincent

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    Whenever I write down a map idea on paper it's terrible, whenever I write down a map idea one of my various desks at school it's great.

    Wo-ess me.