Steam Trading Card Thread

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  1. YM

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    A thread for all your trading card needs.

    Looking for a specific card to complete you're set? Post here.

    Looking to get rid of your unwanted cards because you think this whole TCG is lame? Post here.

    Looking for how valuable your new foil card is? Post here.

    Please keep bitching about the system to a minimum (ie zero), let's stick to civil trading here.
  2. YM

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    I'm looking to expand my collection through trading.

    I have:

    1:2 trades:

    Demoman x3
    Engie x9
    Medic x1
    Pyro x5
    Scout x3
    Soldier x1
    Sniper x3
    Heavy x3

    Binding of Isaac:
    VIII Justice x2
    VII Chariot x3
    IV Emperor x1
    0 The Fool x2

    Smoker x2
    Hunter x1
    Spitter x1

    Dota 2:
    Tidehunter x2
    Tiny x3
    Tusk x1
    Phantom Lancer x1
    Bounty Hunter x1
    Razor x1

    Alan Wake:
    Barry x1
    Taken x1

    1:3 trades:

    Alyx Vance x1
    Respite x1
    Trouble Underground x1

    1...2...3...Kick It! (Drop That Beat Like An Ugly Baby):
    Listen to Music x1
    Music that Listens Back x1
    Falling for the Rest of Your Life x1

    Super Meat Boy:
    Super Meat Boy x1
    Retro Meat x1

    Slug cruiser x3
    Zoltan cruiser x4
    Mantis cruiser x2
    Engi cruiser x2
    Kestrel cruiser x2
    Stealth cruiser x2
    Rock cruiser x2
    Federation cruiser x2

    Portal 2:
    Finale x2
    GlaDOS x2
    Intro x1
    The Lab x3
    Mannequin x4
    Underground x1
    Chell x1

    Raz x1
    Milkman x2
    Lungfishopolis x1

    Blocks that Matter:
    Big mamma x2

    Endless Space:
    Hissho x2
    Automatons x1
    Sheredyn x1

    Message Rock x1

    1:4 trades:

    Borderlands 2:
    Zero x2
    Axton x2
    Salvador x1
    Gaige x1

    If you don't want cards at all I'll take them off your hands gladly. If you'd like metal for them I'll offer two reclaimed metal for each card
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  3. Crash

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    I've got an extra Pyro and Scout that I'm looking to trade for a Demo, Medic, Soldier, or Engineer.
  4. Faux Rhinoceros

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    Got spy and sniper. Want medic, scout, soldier or heavy for each.

    Super meat boy:
    Got a spare epic meat man. Wants super meat boy, bandage girl or dr. fetus.