static_prop or blocks?

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    heya all :) i wanna ask small question. For example i have very big thing i want to make at my map, like wall of stones. So my question is what's better. Make the wall from blocks, vertex editing, clipping and displacing (so i will have what i want but with soo many useless faces) or make it as custom model trough static_prop?

    basically i think custom model should have less faces, better textures, smaller file size and it will be easier to render. But it's just my guess i dont know exactly how the source engine render stuff and how are map blocks compressed etc
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    It really depends on what the walls will be doing. If they are going to block visablity and are the main outer part of a building make them blocks. If they arent going to block visablity and are just in the middle of the map and dont need too much definition say like a cliff face make them displacments. If they need to be detailed, and dont block visability make them a custom model, or even func_detail.