Static Props Disappear/Reappear

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May 19, 2014
I've been trying to compile an edited version of cp_gorge, but I'm having a problem specific to nearly all static props within the building the holds the final control point.
Standing in certain places causes them to disappear, and when you move closer they suddenly appear, or flicker in and out as you move. Most of the props are static, and are set not to fade out. For example, these include the control point itself, railings around edges, and pipes on the walls.
I believe it has to do with hint brushes or area portals, but the problem is beyond my level of understanding. Compiling without tool brushes removed the problem, so even though that's an awful solution, I'd like to figure out how to fix the optimization in the area, rather than removing parts of it.


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Nov 5, 2014
If you're using a decompiled version of a map as a base the areaportals have most likely broken, your best bet is to re-make all of them from scratch probably.


Jul 31, 2009
Occluders still work when covered by brushes, in fact that's how they should be used. However it is probably a decompile error.