Staten Slaughter (MvM Mission)

Staten Slaughter (MvM Mission) v1

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(*single chuckle*)
Apr 10, 2014
Staten Slaughter (MvM Mission) - Bust some bots in this Intermediate difficulty mission!

Icon isn't that good, sorry.

Do you like BEATING UP ROBOTS? Do you like beating up robots that AREN'T VALVE-OFFICIAL with CUSTOM ICONS? Do you like the Mann Vs. Machine map MANNHATTAN? Do you wish there were more CUSTOM MISSIONS made for Mannhattan?

Well, lucky you! This download is for a CUSTOM MISSION containing plenty of ORIGINAL ROBOTS for the Mann Vs. Machine map MANNHATTEN! We don't have custom icons though, sorry. Hey, wait! Where are you going?

Place the "scripts" folder in your Team Fortress 2/tf/ folder.

Special thanks to @Startacker! for indirectly inspiring me to make this mission. I was struggling to make a map when I saw his campaign and though "Oh yeah, MvM! I enjoy that!"