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Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by zastels, Jul 4, 2011.

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    Hi everyone,

    I was just giving the opportunity of running a TF2 server with complete control and no charge, and I'm excited about it. I have always had an appreciation for custom content and hosting a particular atmosphere in the server.

    I have never run a TF2 server so I was wondering if anyone could give tips on what fills them up. I see 100% pure custom content servers, do they work well? Even a regular server, with F2P, are they easy to fill? To my PL is the most fun, but what gamemode is mode popular?

    I could also use a right hand man. If you want to help and get hooked up let me know.
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    There's a Server Discussion forum just two below TF2 Talk, btw ;) I'll ask an admin to move this thread for you.
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    The most important part of a good server is having a good community. Even, which has an excellent community has trouble keeping the server filed all the time (not the goal, though). Things might have changed, no, with the huge influx of F2P players.
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    Don't Worry bro, i just rented a server like 5 days ago, and it is always full, so poeple can come, but if you want to run a good and successfull server, you have to put some rules or some kind of administration, and this apply to any game.
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    If you just made your server, I suggest against the 100% pure custom content server. As stated in previous posts, TF2Maps has trouble keeping their servers populated. What you need is a strong player base first. For that reason, I suggest going with the more overplayed, popular, noob friendly maps minus ctf_2fort till your server develops regulars. Keep all the settings default, and make sure you register your server to allow players to connect via quick play.