KotH standpipe a4

A KotH map taking place inside of an over-sized watertower.

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    standpipe - A KotH map taking place inside of an over-sized watertower.

    After a very long time, I've finally decided to uploaded a new map. My old maps are pretty much beyond saving since I was really new to hammer and TF2 mapping when I made them. Hopefully, this one not so much.

    I can tell there will be some problems with this map, but don't all a1's? I just hope it won't be beyond repair where I have to scorch the entire thing.

    Anyhow, I've always really liked Turbine's theme (not so much the map itself) so I decided to make a map where I could start using that theme once I have reached the detailing stages. This will probably require a lot of tweaking to make all classes happy while playing it, and if so it will be just that much more experience for me.
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    Koth_standpipe_a2 changelog:

    - Moved origin point out of the water
    Now you won't hear underwater sounds upon first loading into the map.

    - Widened an opening out of the water

    - Applied no-build to water

    - Lowered water slightly
    This prevents the water texture from conflicting with other textures.

    - Changed the blue barrels on red’s side to yellow barrels
    Blue barrels on red's side of the map looked odd, changed them appropriately.

    - Added ramps to make it easier to get out of the water
    You only had two ways to get out of the water in a1, and often times players would get stuck on something attempting to get out. I now have exit ramps leading out of the water, makes getting out a lot easier.

    - Edited west flank; now has two routes: one directly into point, and another slightly out of the way to flank.
    Had complaints about how all of the paths felt like flanks; hoping this reduces that feeling.

    - Made third spawn door dump the player on the high path
    The original was literally pointless, and I only made it out of the personal need to have three spawn doors.

    - Removed high path entrance to buildings on point
    Too much traffic moved through those rather small buildings, seeing if this reduces it.

    - Modified 2nd courtyard slightly

    - Modified point buildings slightly

    - Moved railings on point ramps closer to the edge of the ramp
    Although generally a bad idea to keep in a major gameplay space, I want to keep this railings so that pyro's can't repeatedly airblast people off.

    - Added respawn room visualizers

    - Remade ramp brushes in interior courtyard

    - Edited interior courtyard slightly

    - Extended respawn wave time by 1 second

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    This version of the map has actually be done for a while, I've just been eyeballing it here and there for more changes.

    - Lowered control point

    - Deleted some of the barriers around the control point
    I wanted to let snipers have a job on this map, I’ll monitor future demos closely to make sure they aren’t too powerful.

    - Changed east route to accommodate point change

    - Widened up a fair amount of corridors

    - Replaced two medium ammo packs on west path with two small ammo packs
    There is a large ammo crate near the two mediums, having so much ammo in one general location is redundant.

    - Removed medium ammo crate on east path
    Again, there were two medium ammo crates already placed where the red and blue paths converged. Not to mention, the area was slightly redesigned to be more open so keeping the ammo pack where it was would have looked odd. Might replace with a small placed further back if people have ammo issues.

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    Koth_standpipe_a4 changelog

    - Increased water texture scale

    - Increased ceiling height on mid by an additional 192 hammer units
    I meant to do this since a1, but it always slipped my mind. Soldiers shouldn't be bumping their head nearly as often.

    - Removed doors leading into mid
    These, contrary to their intended purpose, actually helped the defenders hold onto the point.

    - Raised the floor in the water
    Had a complaint saying that locating someone hiding in the water would be difficult, made the floor higher to accommodate.

    - Added cover on point
    Since the doors leading into the point were removed, there was a nasty sightline for whoever owned the point. I made the platform the cp rested on larger and added cover to mitigate this.

    - Redesigned point buildings
    These buildings were narrow and cramped, and were dominated by blast-damage classes. Hopefully the new design will be more favorable towards all of the classes.

    - Added minor detailing

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