CP Standoff A2

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L1: Registered
Jun 27, 2015
Standoff - A 5cp map that takes place on a Training Facility


A 5cp map set in a Training Facility


L1: Registered
Jun 27, 2015
B2 Update Changelog:
-Added Stairs to last point
-Removed shutter doors from Last-to-Second
-Added cover for Last-to-Second
-Opened up the back of Second Point
-Added crate jump in last
-Added Small Health Kit near Second Point
-Fixed arrow signs on Blue Side
-Raised the roof at a Mid-to-Second connector
-Removed wall in Second-to-Middle
-Opened up the Second-to-Middle Connector slightly
-Added Nobuilds on top of crates at Mid
-Changed the crate model at Last so its the same on both sides
-Added a small route at the Mid-to-Second Connector
-Removed a Small Health Kit at Mid-to-Second Connector