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CP stain planning

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Apr 14, 2013
stain - A 4 control point steel style attack-defense map for the Dynamic cp contest

My entry for the Dynamic Cp Contest

An steel-style attack-defense cp map with 4 control points, that might later change to a custom a/d gamemode variant.
Currently featuring an instance I'm very proud of, two build cps and 2 in the process of being built, and one really nasty sightline.
Still in early building stages, not yet playable, but since I didn't want to spam the wip in wip thread, I made this thread, and would put here all the updates and ideas I would have during the development.

To start off- here's what I've done so far on the map.

It's a top-view (mostly to scale), showing the 1st and 2nd cps and areas, that are already built in hammer.

The map would play much like steel, so the last point (D) would always be able to be capped by BLU, but unlike steel, it would only have 3 prior cps (A, B, C), and once A is capped, both B and C would be avaliable to BLU for capping, somewhat like G-pit's A and B.
The map should be less confusing than steel, because unlike the circle-shaped steel, this map is more linear and as a result, more straight-forward (pun intended).
Apr 14, 2013
Here are a few things I'm not yet sure about.

  • What's the dynamic element? It would have to do with D, and would occur after B and C are capped, like in steel, but I don't yet know what it is. Bridges to the cp? the cp moving to a better spot? I have yet to figure this out.
  • After capping A, BLU would be attacking 3 (!) different cps. That's worse than anything we've ever known before (including standin...). While it might work, it most likely won't. Possible solutions:
    1. Designing the layout so that a RED person can defend both B and C almost simultaneously (in other words- making B and C very close to each other). That's what I'm currently going with, hope it would be enough to get it to work.
    2. Changing the logic so that BLU has to choose to cap either B or C, and after one of them is capped, the other one would lock and would not be avaliable any longer. After BLU caps A, they would have to choose between capping B and C. B and C would give BLU different advantages, but only one of them could be capped, so they would have to decide which one would be better for them in the current situation (which one is easier to attack, which one gives more time, etc.) RED would defend accordingly. That would make this map from cp_stain to cys_stain (cys stands for choose your style). It sounds like a great idea to me, but brings out two big problems itself, the first one being that this is very confusing to new players, and the second one is that team coordination on pub servers is around ~0, so any attempt of a team to "choose it's style" would fail horribly, and by that we're back to square one, with divided teams scattered across 3 control points.
    3. Abandoning the steel gamemode and making this into a 4 cp G-pit style map, where D is locked until BLU caps both B and C. That's the easy way to fix it, but it ruins the whole idea IMO. This would be the last resort, the 'if all else fails', the emergency buttom.
  • RED's 1st spawn does not provide good access to D. IDK how big of an issue it is, with D not yet built, I would most likely manage to squeeze in a corridor or a bridge that would lead to it. I actually just imagined in my head a great pass through a somewhat frightening attic that would lead from RED's 1st spawn over the area in the overview where the black arrow is, and I think that's what I'll do, for a1 at least...
  • There are rocks on one of RED's containers. Yes, I know that sounds stupid. "Why won't you just delete them?" you're probably asking. Well, it ain't like that, folks. They are on a container. You can't just delete them. Besides, how did they possibly end up there? it looks like someone welded them to the container, but everybody knows rocks cant be welded.


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Aug 7, 2014
It's a bit too linear for you to be calling it "Steel-style"


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Aug 31, 2014
It looks great so far; my one big concern would be that B looks far back for the Blu team. I would push it down, to a place where Blu players don't have to go right near Red spawn to reach the point. And speaking of, it looks like Red would have an incredible advantage if Blu doesn't have a forward spawn after B or C.

Excited to see this come to fruition!
Apr 14, 2013
my one big concern would be that B looks far back for the Blu team.

I am working on a 2nd exit for BLU spawn, that would be much closer to A-B connector, to be used after A is capped. I am also considering making this a standard steel gamemode (no G-pit influence), because of logic complexity, and the fear that C would be much less easy to cap, because of the basic layout of the map.
A1 would probably be released as a standard steel gamemode, and if I won't like it I would start changing stuff up.
Apr 14, 2013
C is now built. I changed the gameplay quite sgnificantly, after thinking about the layout a bit more. I now have a better concept of how the map should play and look, and hopefully it would work. I believe A1 would be ready by the end of the week.

Here're my "dynamic" plans for this map.

Capping A opens a new spawn exit for BLU, closer to B. It also blocks one of RED's exits
Capping A unlocks B but not C. (so now it's like steel- D is always avaliable, the rest are linear)

Capping B moves RED's spawn from the original location between B and C, to a location between C and D.
Capping B also unlocks the door into "garage"- the B-C connector. (the A-C connector is always open, and probably more useful for BLU because it's closer to spawn)
Capping B opens the door to B-D connector, allowing for a 2nd route to D, this time, a much better one.
Capping B unlocks C

Capping C opens another route into D, so now BLU has 3 entrances to D.
Capping C would make D more accessible, but I didn't build D yet, so I can't tell for sure how. Probably a ramp of some sorts, or actually moving the cp.
Apr 14, 2013
Have some pictures


A (in the building)


B (the raised balcony where the cp is obviously)


C (again-raised balcony)
something broke in tf2, all the textures are really bad-looking and the shadows are worse than anything I've seen before (and me and my graphics card have seen quite some things)
Here's the worst part- it's a simple dev wall in what would be D


I don't even know what's happening