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Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by Crash, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. Crash

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    Hey nerds! So like the tidal waves, staff here at TF2Maps comes and goes. This means that we're at the time that we're looking for some more dedicated individuals looking to help the team out! Right now we're looking for Staff.

    As Staff, your general responsibilities would be the following:
    • Help run impromptu tests on the server when available
    • Help out with moderating chat
    • Help keep the servers running
    • Be active in helping out members of the community
    • Be creative and interested in helping shape the future on TF2Maps

    This list isn't definitive as we're a pretty small crew and we're basically just looking for motivated, dedicated members who are interested in helping out around here. Help with contests and events is always appreciated!

    If any of this sounds like something you'd be interested in, post here stating your interest with a bit on why you want the position. If you applied before and were not accepted, feel free to apply again.
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  2. Moonrat

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    I'd be interested!

    - I am on quite a bit, and can usually spare some time to get on the servers.
    - I like to help out where I can, even if I can't offer much in all areas.
    - I could run Impromptu test with relative ease.
    - I can't really host servers, mainly due to a lack of hardware available.
    - Helping with contests and events would be something I am very interested in.

    I mainly want this position to be a part of something that I like. I enjoy TF2 and Mapping for the game is an interest of mines. If I get the position, I would try my best to be active and make sure that server events and such run as smoothly as possible.
  3. puxorb

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    A year ago I would have jumped on the opportunity but unfortunately I am pretty much done with TF2 for good.

    So good luck to you guys but this might be the last you see of puxorb except at 72hr mapping events and holidays.
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  4. Berry

    aa Berry resident homo

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    Hello, I'm pretty confident most of you know of me already. I'm a very active TF2M member and I run a large portion of TF2M's impromptus (especially out of school times). I'm nicely known among everyone here and I've been known to have an unchangeable & dedicated love for mapping as I've been doing it for several years now so I more than have the experience in the area.

    I'm not really sure what else to put in here, my activity in TF2M over the last year or so should more than speak for itself. I have a long experience with sourcemod as I used to host some small-time servers myself and of course have used the commands available to VIPs on the TF2Maps servers for quite a while.

    I'd also like to add I personally have a lot of interest in anything community-wise, such as things like special events and while I'm not perfect I do try to be a genuine fair person in both regular & higher positions.

    Thank you.

    Edit: I'm also available through 90% of my spare online time, and pretty much most of that is spent on what I consider busywork (in other words, productive & time-taking things I enjoy such as level design).

    Edit2: I think it's a good idea to add this: With staff permissions, I could essentially do what I do currently (regularly host imps), but to a better degree, as:
    • People often want random crits off, but noone is there to disable (and then reenable it) often
    • Sometimes (in the right situation) people want grappling hooks, and noone is there to enable it
    • There's a reasonable amount (1 in every week or so from what I've seen) of people who continue to harass or break rules on the server when there's no admins who can solve it, and asking them (as well as kicking after the right time) does not solve the issue. Sometimes, all it needs is a mute.

    While I'm editing, I'm also going to add I'm the lead mapping dev for Team Fortress 2 Classic so I do have (some, as it's a recent position) experience in serious positions within areas around games and as well can provide some links between both.

    Edit: :O
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  5. Jethro

    Jethro MUSty Complainer

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    Hey there.

    Consider me interested in being a member of the server staff - I've recently reignited my interest in TF2 over the last few months, and I'd love to be able to give back to the community that I usually just sit in the chat and rant about inane rubbish at 4am.

    I'll happily run impromptu test sessions. Hell, I'll happily start hosting some gamedays - EU ones, most probably. I've got a bit of experience with Sourcemod(or atleast, the firking around to make things work/not break side of Sourcemod) so I'd be happy to help out on that side of things.

    I'm generally around from noon UK time to around midnight/2AM GMT time.

    I'd really like to be able to give back to the TF2M community, mostly for putting up with my inane rants and stupid arguments in the Steam group chat. I'll probably be donating at some point soon as well, but I'd like to be able to help out in a slightly better way than that.

    Eh, boring information time:

    Name: Jethro
    Steam Community Page:
    Steam ID : STEAM_0:0:19293497 | U:1:38586994
    Previous Experience: Hosted some non-TF2M servers a few years back running FastDL and custom maps.
    Reason: See above
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  6. Tekku

    aa Tekku

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    Hey, I am quite interested in this.

    • I have been on the forums and chat since mid 2008.
    • I have moderated the chat and hosted gamedays in 2012/2013, and I am willing to host regular gamedays again.
    • I have hosted numerous impromptus and events over the past few years.
    • I am available throughout the day, often at odd hours, when there is no other staff or chat admins online (Often up till 7-8AM UK time)
    • Currently I am still technically in full time education, however, without any remaining lectures.
    • If needed I am able to access the forums and steam at any point.
    • I consider myself to be a quite active member of the steam chat.

    As of right now, I am going to get a Geography degree, however, I am passionate in IT and most likely will be looking towards entering that field.
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  7. stegarootbeer

    stegarootbeer L2: Junior Member

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    I'd be up for it. I used to host imps all the time back when I had VIP, just couldn't announce them myself. I kinda miss doing it.
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  8. Kube

    aa Kube Stale air

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    I'd be more than happy to take up a position!

    • I usually am on the site daily, and I try to jump into chat on a reasonable basis.
    • I'm quite familiar with site policy, ethics, and guidelines
    • I am willing to try to run impromptus during the summer months
    • I have a computer that runs quite well (even though it's not a Crash rig...)
    • I try to help out solving questions relating to the Editor when I can, and I have experience with related tools such as Blender
    • I'm quite interested in shaping the TF2Maps community's future in coordinating events, contests, and collaborative efforts
    • I'm certainly willing to learn more about the inner workings of the site and servers in order to help keep order
    Thank you for the opportunity, and whatever decision you make, I'm happy to be in an environment that respects and values the input of both old and new members, and I promise to take this to heart! :)

    Edit (Extended Bio):

    Hello! I'm KubeKing4556, Kube for short. You may know me as the spry young chap that brought the phrases "there's a Gameday in 10 minutes" and "kube you annoying pile of rubbish" into the TF2Maps lexicon. As such, I feel it is my moral duty to give my time to the community that has given me so much of its time, and has taught me that mapping is an art, a passion, and a lifestyle.

    Past Experience:
    • Managing role in the "Portal: Revolution" mod, which I currently hold
    • Some experience with programming languages such as JavaScript and Python, and I should be learning C within the next year (through an IRL program I can't go into depth about)
    • Various small graphic-design roles that incorporated my knowledge of Blender, the 3D animation suite
    • I've configured a small Minecraft server in the past (even though I know I wouldn't be hosting any type of server as a Staff member)

    Contact Information:
    Preferred Method of Communication (for the time being)- PM on the site
    Steam ID- STEAM_0:0:41023109

    Once again, thank you very much for your consideration! I sincerely appreciate the chance to apply.
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  9. Sheltr

    Sheltr L3: Member

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    Hey, Id be quite intreasted in this!

    I'm manoman and have been on this website for a vary long time now, I don't post too often but I still check up on the site every few hours as it is already.

    Previous admin for the holy smokes server back in 2011 (technically still but the group has been dead for some time!)
    Own and have read CCNA 'Cisco certified network associate'. So I know quite a bit from that book. but its been a few years so I might be rusty. but I should be able to keep the server in working order!
    Have had servers of my own. (can't anymore due to my ISP sadly)
    Some experience with Linux, not a lot but some, I'm sure with some practice I can find my way around like a console cowboy in cyberspace soon enough!

    {reasons why I could be good for you!}
    I'm practically always online and unemployed so no jobs getting in the way!
    Id like to think I'm a patient and noice guy!
    If your looking for a computer nerd with no real life who is always online loves mapping 3d animation and game design I'm downright the guy for the job.

    [Mapping experience.]
    This is where my faults are, I'm sure you can tell by looking at mine but progress is being made!
    I'm not so good at working with hint brushes and area portals, I did just start optimizing for a CS:GO map of mine so id say I'm starting to get the hand of it for sure.

    If you'd like to contact me my Skype and steam profiles are on my profile here so if you have any further questions feel free to contact me or just reply to this post.

    -Riley A.


    Hey again, I'm just gonna up date this a bit here everything above is the same so don't worry about that.

    The reason why I wanted to try and do this is, mainly I have agoraphobia and social anxiety, and I understand I don't post a lot or have been all to active in the community over the last few years. mainly due to that. but I feel that I really want to over come this and that getting a position like this will force me not because I need to but because I want to, to be more active in this community. I have had ideas I want to share, have had critiques and feedback id like to give, but haven't. I know my inactivity in the group chat or here on the website is probably what hurts my chances most at getting this but I really hope you guys might be able to look past all that. I'll attempt to not be so distant in the future and i'm sorry that I have.
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  10. Seba

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    I think a point ought to be cleared up: server staff aren't asked to actually host servers on their own, just maintain the existing ones; you won't have to buy any machines or anything like that.
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  11. Kube

    aa Kube Stale air

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    Congrats, Berry! You truly deserve it.
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  12. chemelia

    aa chemelia yndersn't

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    Hi, I'd definitely be interested in a position on the staff. I am already quite well-known in the forums(even though I may not be the most active), as well as chat, and I always do my best to help anyone having difficulties with mapping. I have a fair bit of experience running tests, as I have run numerous impromptus in the past(although, not as many lately, due to some real-life happenings and my VIP running out), and I feel being able to make Steam group announcements would really streamline this process, and make it less complicated for everyone. I have also been quite interested in running my own gamedays, if any need for a second one every week arises. Who knows, maybe I'll run some small-scale contests!

    While I'd like to pretend I have no disadvantages, I must admit I do. One of the most prevalent of these issues is that I might occasionally have spells of the aforementioned real-life business. Another possible snag could be my relative new-ness to mapping and the mapping community, as I've been using Hammer for just under a year now. Despite this, I do tend to thrust myself into communities quite quickly, and, as previously mentioned, I am already quite well-known. Well, thanks for your time, and I wish everyone else who is applying luck!

    Edit: Oops, am I too late?
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  13. Crash

    aa Crash func_nerd

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    We're still taking applications, Berry was basically already staff before this thread, we just made it official.
  14. iiboharz

    aa iiboharz eternally tired

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    I want the position because Crash said I should apply. /s

    Really though I thought about it and I wasn't gonna apply but Crash poked me and now I want to apply.

    This sounds dumb.
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  15. Crash

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  16. Fruity Snacks

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    Apply anyways. Worst we say is "Yea, sure, would you like it?" and you say "naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah"
  17. iiboharz

    aa iiboharz eternally tired

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    Okay yeah I'm definitely kind of interested. I would love to be able to host or assist in hosting events on the servers. I'm regularly active in the community/steam chat and enjoy helping others out when I'm able to.

    I would love to be able to do more for the community.
  18. killohurtz

    aa killohurtz Distinction in Applied Carving

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    Thought on it overnight and decided to give this a shot, so here goes!

    I'll start with what I can do best here: managing a server. Back in my competitive TF2 days, I owned three separate team servers, which I would occasionally open to the public to host events like Scream Fortress. Probably goes without saying, but I'm great with Sourcemod, plugins, and admin/console commands too, so I can easily lend a hand in the maintenance side of things.

    Now I feel that this opportunity came much too soon for me, since I haven't been a part of TF2Maps for long and I still have yet to donate (which I planned to do once I started working in the summer). Regardless, I would love to be able to host gamedays/imps and other events and do something a little more for the community than simply helping out on the forums. And even though I'm a full-time college student, I still have loads of free time somehow, and I try to hang out in the steam chat on a regular basis.

    That's all I got, so thanks for the opportunity and your consideration!
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  19. SamRC

    SamRC L1: Registered

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    My name is Sam, the man.

    Who am I?

    I like to play TF2, go figure - that's why I'm posting here! I'm a semi-competent nerd who believes that he can benefit TF2Maps in a demonstrative and mature way. I may lack SOME ability's but I'm very confident about becoming a moderator as I have no social life.

    Yep, I have no social life:)thumbup:). My social life is TF2Maps. I only just got an account here, but you may have seen me around the steam chat mostly - firstly as boney and now just as Sam.

    I have no idea how to host imps, so somebody would need to show me if I get selected worthy.
    I'm usually on the steam chat every day! You'll rarely find a day I'm not present. You'll fine me on chat from around 12am-4pm and on until around 10:30-11:30pm. Those times vary depending on day of the week.

    What I can do?
    I'm used to having responsibility and TF2Maps (for me) shouldn't be much of a challenge. The community is VERY nice and I rarely see people being kicked in steam chat.

    I think less about what I can bring that is new, and more about what I can build on - I'll take learning advantages as they come to me and would take my duty VERY seriously.

    I know I only have two posts on this account, but I only just got here! I've been in the steam group for a LONG time though.

    I believe I could 1) moderate the forums and steam group chat to keep them clean and 2) be easily taught.

    I may not know alot now, but I believe if you teach me I could be formed into a flexible moderator.

    Oh, and I really want this because I have nothing better to do during the day.
    Yours faithfully, Sam.
  20. Idolon

    aa Idolon the worst admin

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    I'll go ahead and throw my hat in the ring.

    I'm mostly interested in helping develop TF2Maps into a friendlier and more constructive place. Egan and I have been discussing some ideas on how to improve the way feedback gets handled in tests (and the community in general), and I'd like a hand in implementing some of those ideas.

    While I don't have experience with Sourcemod itself, I do have a decent amount of experience with moderating servers (Minecraft, Garrysmod). I can't imagine that Sourcemod is too difficult. I'm also somewhat familiar with how servers are set up, although I won't pretend to be an expert.

    I don't make as many maps as I used to, but I'd still like to be involved with the mapping community. I've got quite a few years of experience with both mapping in general, as well as TF2Maps itself. At the very least, I want to provide any insight I can into helping develop the community into something better.
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