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    I'm working on a couple custom textures for my level. I opened the TF2 GCF to take a look at how Valve does bump maps. In this particular case I looked in the brick directory at the brickwall001 texture. I noticed it contained three different textures: brickwall001.vtf, brickwall001_normal.vtf, and brickwall001_height-ssbump.vtf. The material file contains:

    	"$basetexture" "Brick/brickwall001"
    	"$bumpmap" "Brick/brickwall001_height-ssbump"
    	"%keywords" "tf"
    	"$ssbump" "1"
    Now, I've built all three files for my texture and it looks great in game, but after looking at the vmt file, I'm wondering if I even need the normal at all. I used it to create the ssbump, but since it is not getting referenced in the VMT, is the normal even getting used or is it just the ssbump? I don't want to end up removing a texture that is going to get called for a lower setting or something, but at the same time I'd like to keep the filesize down in my level considering it is going to have quite a few custom models and textures.