CP Spybase A2

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L2: Junior Member
May 19, 2016
Spybase - Top Secret, ACCESS BY RAIL ONLY

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First commercial map, an Attack/Defense map. To be centered around a spy-like theme, set in an isolated underground base. Location Top Secret.

Constructive feedback appreciated.


L2: Junior Member
May 19, 2016
Overhaul and changes:
  • Decompression of layout and general additions. Noticeably increased distance between points 1/A 2/B
  • Added forward spawns which alternate between teams when blue caps first point.
  • Reevaluated spawn wave times.
  • Added env_tonemap_controller
  • Better lighting.
  • Directional overlays.
  • Added a bit more creative texture.
  • Fixed building in spawn.
  • Added our beloved overlord rock005 surveying all of your every moves.
  • rock005 has the cover the of night in a newly added skybox at 2/B.
New Layout:​

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Feb 14, 2010
I love your addition of a single rock005 overlooking B point, made me laugh a lot! :D

I think the biggest things to look out for would be:

1. As a RED guy, exiting the base towards to defend A point (at the start of the round) it's a bit hard to find the A point:

I'd recommend #1 putting some outline of texture-work on the floor from around each side of that fence (like the capturepoint zones on cp_well, for example) to outline "there's a point around here!". And then #2 retexturing the top balcony to be not-red-textured, and same with the hallway going right-wards towards blue base - since it's confusing seeing red everywhere on my way out... Small thing, but, perceptible.

2. This sniper sightline that RED can use outwards on B is pretty massive:

Sniper sightlines are okay, even if they're powerful! But only if there is a way to flank the sniper!

But in this case the only way to flank that sniper would be to power through the main sentry defense position.. which isn't really feasible. Probably ought to just nerf the sightline - bring the sniper position inwards a bit towards the point so it's not as strong. Might have to redesign the route.

3. The approach blue gets onto C point has some really flat ground:


It might be frustrating for the jumping-classes to feel like they can't use their advantages well, probably especially with a short ceiling, as they approach the C point room. I'd recommend using some ramps / heights / displacement grounds to mix up the combat on either the approach outside of the C room, or within the C room (like how Mossrock does it, for an example) (, or both maybe if you're feeling crazy).

It looks fun so far! Hope the tests go well! :)