Spy vs Engineer story line?

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    If the Spy vs Engie War update really happens, it has potential to be really cool. As long as its an actual update, and not just new hats/weapons/ect. But with whats been leaked so far, it seems like it actually will be a legit update. That said, one has to wonder how it will play out. With the original WAR! update, it actually made sense that Soldier and Demo would be sort of friends because they have a lot in common. But Engie and Spy don't have much of anything in common. So it wouldn't really make sense that they would be friends. And while pitting them against one another does make sense, what could actually lead up to that (other than Sentry-chan not being fond of business men)?

    Personally, and although it's pretty unlikely, I'd like it to have a Marvel's Civil War type feel. Considering where the comics are (Australium shortage and such) and the robot destruction map, the next logical major storyline step would be space. And while the mercs may not be fond of the idea, the Administrator would probably want them to go into space in search of Australium. And should they protest against it, the Administrator could simply black mail them somehow. If they don't go into space, Helen tips off the government about their homicidal goings ons. Spy, already being a man of mystery, wouldn't have anything to lose, should he be turned in. But Engineer not only is about the most average member of the team, his full name is widely known. Spy couldn't care less about being black mailed, and Engie couldn't care more. Spy (and whoever else is on his side) flat out refuse to go into space, while Engineer (and most likely whoever else has their full name known) choose to follow through with the Administrator's wishes. Administrator wants the full team or none, so Engineer and his team are forced to capture Spy's team. Might be a bit too complex for a TF2 update, but it'd definitely be cool.

    Sorry about the wall of text.
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    I think you've got that blackmail bit backwards... a man of mystery like the Spy would be TERRIFIED of his secrets getting out!