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    Back in December we had the Workshop Wonderland, and lots of stuff was submitted to it. However, there was barely any heads up about it, and many people were left with barely any time to create a map or an item.

    For those who don't remember or know, here is a link: http://tf2maps.net/threads/tf2-workshop-wonderland.26149/

    In the Facepunch post, it is said that they will be hosting these quarterly, as in the next one will be Spring. Now please don't take this as a demand or anything badly, but I was hoping that this time, we would maybe have more of a heads up about the spring event. Honestly, I don't have anything to submit, but I'm just wondering if they are even going to have one this time. I would almost expect, with the April Fools contest just happening and the detailing contest happening soon, maybe we wont have one this time as I think everyone will be burnt out of mapping. I have a map I would like to have done by summer time, and I would love to submit it to a Summer Workshop Event, though I'm curious if there will even be one. Is it to be expected that those who knew about the December Workshop Wonderland will be working on a spring map, there will just be an announcement for submitting a week or two before the deadline, and hopefully people will have a map or something to showcase?

    Again, I hope this did not come as sassy or hating, I'm simply just curious about whats happening in the future, so I can plan accordingly. Thanks.
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    As of right now, I'm not sure how to respond! When we started doing the showcases, we really did want to keep going with them and keep things quarterly, and we still do, but several things have come up as well.

    Since Workshop Wonderland, I've gone through finding and then moving to a new place with my boyfriend, traveling, juggling other community projects - including this year's Meet Your Makers which I need to move forward with - and also being sure I can still work on my own stuff too! In fact, I'm participating in the detail contest currently being held here!

    It goes without saying that we've kinda got a bit busy, especially now that things are ramping up in the community again.

    I really do hope to move forward with the showcases soon, and have elements in mind for the next one - which sadly may have to be pushed to Summer. I can promise that it will be managed a lot better than Workshop of Horrors and the Workshop Wonderland, as those both also served as learning experiences.

    I do hope to announce something regarding the next showcase soon, and can surely say that it will be bigger and better than the first two, with plenty of incentive to get more and more people involved, new and old.

    So I guess that's all I have to say at the moment: expect it. Not entirely sure when, but... soon. Probably. Hopefully.
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