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    this is a modification of CP_Spire_a1 originally done by IcyEyes. Modifications done with IcyEyes permission. http://forums.tf2maps.net/showthread.php?t=6147&highlight=cp_spire

    this is a work in progress and i will list the changes I've made here as well as changes i intend to complete.
    I will post Pictures of the changes to the map soon
    first off to aquait you all with how i am going to do this, I plan on releasing my improvements in stages/parts. I will list them here and from here on will just refer to them by stage/part I or II etc. etc.

    Completed changes:
    Part I
    addition of a exit from spawn that is to open on capture of the 3rd point, and close on the loss of the 3rd point. this will connect to a new tunnel system that will attach to the mini pyramid on its respective side and also attach to a new sniper nest that is along the long wall of the map and through this semi sniper nest, an exit into the middle of the map.
    Part II
    redesign of the 2/4 CP. this will entail moving the tower the CP is on slightly farther away from point 1/5, into the wall (creating a nook in the wall). this is to help make the point slighty easier to cap in the beginning of the round. included in this part will be a catwalk that will lead to an opening in the ....for lack of a better term the engi nest

    Still to Come:
    a hall / catwalk / ramp that will lead out from the sniper nest and semi connect to the 2/4 CP tower (this part is hard to explain but i think once it is implemented will be quite useful

    Part III
    redesign of the 1/5 CP. this one is still somewhat in flux but my idea is to move the cp into the far corner ( to the right and back if you are looking at the point from spawn) and creating a bunker around it similar in style to the center bunker in crossover (thought in a corner instead of in the center of a room). the "right side" exit from spawn will be turned into a catwalk that will lead to the roof of said bunker

    Part IV
    misc. changes and redesigns of any areas that don't work/ are broken/ unfair. possible addition of a small basement to the spire that will only connect to outside (the trench area). included in this part would be any changes i end up making to the spire, though i like the spire pretty much as is.
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    It would be great to see some pictures, for those of us that haven't heard of the old map.
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    Yep if I'm just surfing - I want PICTURES!!!
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    Wait a minute this is orangex with spires everywhere.
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    comp will love it
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