"Spin then Slide" -My early mobile game made with UE4

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    Sup all
    So, as some of you can tell by my constant questions in chat, I’ve been working on a project in Unreal engine 4, which is now known as: “Spin then Slide” (Title may change)

    What is it you ask?
    Spin then Slide is a small time-waster that will be released on most mobile devices, the objective is to simply rotate the shape, then slide it to match, Simple eh? Well don’t get the colors mixed up or hit the time limit!

    So, why post here about it? Well it’s in the first point in development I’m happy enough to post it online for early testing and feedback, and you guys always seemed to be great at that. Some of the elements such as the menu and music still need to be added/refined, but the core gameplay itself is functioning enough to play endlessly.

    Download APK here!

    To launch: Place the APK on your android device (It's only compatible with android currently) via usb or downloading it, once you've done that run it to install

    Controls: Tap to rotate the shape, slide to move the shape in that direction

    I am hoping for any/all feedback, including features or bugs.
    However I'm mostly looking forward to your thoughts on the difficulty, so as a goal try and tell me how long it took you to hit 100!

    Coming soon: Time attack (As many combinations in a set time, I really am excited for this) and "Hard mode"

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    It took me more than a minute before I realized that the video repeated. It's a time-waster already!
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    Want to find a easier way to download the apk of the games and apps? Faster try it now! :)
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