PLR Speedy Mail [Deleted]

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War Paints Everywhere
Apr 26, 2015
Speedy Mail - Blow up the other team trench while you wait for your mail

This is a full payload race map from my joke map. This is a small map with 3 spawn room doors to enter and exit. To stop any spawn camping/ cut down on it. View attachment 47666 20170504015901_1.jpg 20170504015904_1.jpg 20170504015907_1.jpg 20170504015910_1.jpg 20170504015914_1.jpg 20170504015926_1.jpg 20170504015930_1.jpg 20170504015934_1.jpg 20170504015937_1.jpg 20170504015942_1.jpg 20170504015947_1.jpg 20170504020000_1.jpg 20170504020007_1.jpg 20170504020022_1.jpg View attachment 47681

I hope you guys and gals enjoy it.
Not open for further replies.