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Spawnroom & Intel Room Detailing Mini-Contest - Q1 2016 **Voting Thread**

Discussion in 'Contests' started by Freyja, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. Hyperion

    aa Hyperion L16: Grid Member

    Positive Ratings:
    room2016_oatmeal // I just like it
    room2016_Lotso // I love snowy maps so this was obvious choice
    room2016_void // New theme but still fits TF2

    Special mentions to Flower_shop_Guy, Exactol and Earkham for making awesome but not-so-TF2 stylish entries
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    Last edited: Apr 25, 2016
  2. Crowbar

    aa Crowbar perfektoberfest

    Positive Ratings:
    room2016_exactol // FANTASTIC in all senses, I'd bet on this
    room2016_void // Fantastic in some other senses, I'd bet on this if there wasn't exactol's one
    room2016_davekillerish // Foundry theme, liek it

    Also liked @Lampenpam, @Lotso and @Inqwel ones, just so they know there is one more person who likes their work quite a lot.
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  3. killohurtz

    aa killohurtz

    Positive Ratings:

    Honorable mentions: room2016_lampenpam, room2016_yrrzy

    Thoughts on each entry:
    Aeix: 3/10
    - Spawn room looks rather generic and bland
    - Top Secret door texture is stretched, and there's no depth to the door
    - Unpacked ground texture
    - Doorway in room above spawnroom opens into the void
    - Train track curves too tightly for the flatcar
    - Flatcar wouldn't fit through the shutter door with rockets on it
    - Truck headlight beams don't line up with the model

    Captain Clam: 4/10
    - Visible seams on the cliff displacements
    - Elevator is a cool concept, but where does the rest of the team spawn?
    - Weird texture and light behind the air ducts
    - Small metal door prop floating off the wall
    - Tile wall behind resupply locker looks out of place next to worn concrete

    Cytosolic: 7/10
    - Spawn room is very dark
    - Pointless ladder attached to the wall?
    - Chicken wire should be scaled down a bit, default scale is too big
    - Good use of dust particles
    - Yellow tactile paving doesn't fit in an old mining building
    - Lots of little details to explore

    Davekillerish: 3/10
    - Nonsensical wood beams in spawn room
    - Cracked concrete ceiling supported by wood?
    - Pipes on the walls make no sense
    - Outdoor area looks like a prophunt map
    - Too many overlays
    - Outdoor area is just a big rectangle with no wall/roof variation
    - If that rocket launched in this facility, everyone and everything would burn
    - Is this leaked?
    - This intelligence would be impossible to get to in a real map
    - Descent to intel room just feels like a 2fort ripoff

    EArkham: 6/10
    - A bit dark, even for a night scene
    - Lack of 3D skybox is obvious and breaks immersion
    - Candle lighting is a nice touch
    - Cherry blossom trees could have been lit better

    Exactol: 7/10
    - Awesome atmosphere
    - Nice water refraction overlays
    - Ceiling is too dark
    - Elevator looks neat
    - Relies too much on that i-beam texture

    FlowerShopGuy: 8/10
    - I like the mist and water sounds in the garden
    - Cool particles on the big device
    - Mist sprayer!
    - Intense specularity on some textures makes some weird cubemap reflections
    - Good outdoor scenery
    - Not very TF2, but remarkably well made

    Idolon: 9/10
    - I love the combination of concrete and worn metal paneling
    - Inconsistent/broken spotlights really give the place an abandoned feel
    - Boiler prop intersecting with other boiler props?
    - Good use of different colored lights
    - Even the stairs aren't perfectly square!
    - No soundscapes

    Inqwel: 4/10
    - Really could have used some of those advanced lighting options
    - Brick wall at the boundary is abrupt and disappears when you get close because it's in the skybox
    - Highest room in the spawn building is prop-spammy
    - What are these weird things you're doing with the siding on staircases when they intersect with something
    - 3D skybox looks rushed

    iTi: 5/10
    - Cool architecture
    - Too empty to work as an actual intel room
    - Lighting could have been a LOT more dramatic, it's too flat
    - Dust particles would've looked nice
    - Fitting soundscape
    - Transition to 3D skybox is rough

    Jones: 3/10
    - What caused these neat holes in the concrete walls?
    - Have to noclip out of the spawn room to get a closer look at your detailing
    - Doesn't feel like a very practical or realistic rocket launching facility
    - Thick door and window frames
    - Spawn room looks like the generic Gorge closet

    Lampenpam: 8/10
    - Awesome attention to detail - things floating in the water, dust particles, sparks on machines, splash particles when resupply lockers are opened
    - HDR is a bit too bright when looking outside
    - Outdoor scene is perfectly eerie
    - Broken wood planks look amazing, especially with hidden pipes inside
    - Prop usage is a little too heavy

    Lotso: 7/10
    - Broken HDR cubemaps
    - Cool mining tunnel spawn room
    - Skybox is well done
    - Lumpy mountain above spawn building looks strange
    - Nice blending of styles - mining, manor, concrete
    - Unpacked model

    NickTF: 5/10
    - That control room overlooking the intel room can't see a lot
    - International Headquarters sign sticks out like a sore thumb
    - Layout and shape of the upper level buildings and staircases looks unrealistic/poorly planned when viewed from the intel room
    - Cool little details like the sparking control panel

    Oatmeal: 7/10
    - Spawn building is beautifully done
    - Nice 3D skybox behind the scene, but none in front?
    - Rock props in the mining tunnel could have benefited from advanced lighting options
    - Lots to explore
    - I want to see a full map in this theme

    Rayere: 3/10
    - Broken HDR cubemaps
    - One unpacked material (locker room door)
    - Bland walls and lighting
    - Too many different floor textures (required mat_specular 0 to see this)
    - Doors look randomly placed
    - Why do the tile walls in the locker room swap colors suddenly
    - Weird lighting in the skybox

    RodionJenga: 3/10
    - Intel room lighting is flat and has a weird palette
    - Detail outside is nice, but could be better. Looks like an old PSone game
    - Visible nodraw/sky brush
    - Hallways are bland, baseboards don't line up with corners and are flat
    - Wouldn't be a very good intel room in an actual map

    Ral the King: 1/10
    - What is the point of the playermodels on tables with bottles?
    - Crude lighting in spawn rooms
    - Barbed wire held up by nothing + sign/overlay spam on central building
    - Unrealistic supports under spawn buildings
    - Area outside the security fences is just a bunch of random props
    - Intel (?) room is just a basic box with props + stretched wall textures
    - Pre-built teleporters are never a good idea in a serious map

    Sil: 5/10
    - I spawned stuck inside a flatcar
    - Ceiling lights look nice in a subway setting
    - Pretty good brushwork on the tunnel side
    - Missing tiles on the wall aren't aligned with the texture
    - Stairway leads to nothing?
    - Garden light is disproportionally bright

    Skullio: 5/10
    - Nice cozy mountain lodge
    - Seemingly random placement of wall lights
    - Why so many different texture alignments on the wood balcony?
    - Thick walls and window glass
    - Hot tub is cool
    - Transition to skybox is obvious

    The Siphon: 4/10
    - Map crashes my game when loaded in HDR
    - No LDR cubemaps
    - Feels very prop-spammy
    - Fun to explore

    Tierra-Verde: 6/10
    - Bonus points because I love the aesthetic
    - Good start rounding out the adobe buildings, but displacements would have let you take it further
    - 3D skybox looks ok, if a bit flat and unvaried
    - Detailing is a little sparse
    - I could see this intel room in a full map

    UDI: 6/10
    - I like this look, it feels like it belongs in TF2
    - This is very obviously a box; variation in the rock walls and a 3D skybox would have helped
    - No advanced prop lighting on security fences - obvious dark spot on the wall
    - Nice sniper hut
    - Brushwork dock is well made
    - Some of the props in the area with the red tank feel like they're put there just for clutter

    Void: 10/10
    - The most visually stunning entry I've seen in this contest
    - Incredibly fun to explore
    - Autumn palette is beautiful, but the color of the trees might be a tad too strong
    - I love the humor in the custom signs
    - Some wood floors are reflective?
    - Creative use of unusual effects, like flies and hearts
    - 3D skybox is seamless
    - Please make a full map in this theme

    Wilfire: -/10
    - Crashed my game upon loading

    Yrrzy: 8/10
    - Awesome use of low lightmap scales
    - Cool take on a spytech base
    - 3D skybox is nice, but could be better
    - No env_sun?
    - Glow sprites on consoles are a nice touch
    - Ceiling actually has depth!
    - Why the paint patches in an otherwise pristine facility?
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  4. Freyja

    aa Freyja Creating visual gameplay since 2007

    Positive Ratings:
    Voting is now closed. Results will be posted shortly.
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