Spawning Medic's projectile sheild from a map entity?

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Mar 30, 2014
Hi, working on a thing and I need a barrier that works similarly to medic's shield or the blue-barriers in overwatch.

I was able to abuse the func_physbox_multiplayer entity to get a wall that players can walk through but not shoot, however this blocks the bullets from both teams and doesn't play well with filters.

I noticed this thread mentions that the medic barrier does work in regular TF2, however I wasn't able to get the shield to appear in my map with the ent_create command (doesn't even appear in report_entities), so idk if I would be able to do it from a map entity.

And even if I could get that working, what about blue team.

Any ideas?


L2: Junior Member
Feb 22, 2013
I don't think you can spawn the shield on it's own with the tools mappers have at their disposal but it's a player attribute( and you can use trigger_add_or_remove_tf_player_attributes to make the medic pop a shield outside of MvM.

I think you might be shit out of luck on this unless you can make/use Sourcemod plugins to get around the severe limitations of the tools mappers are given to get something close to what you want.