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    My spawn points are not working properly and I don't know why. Teams are set, they aren't blocked, they are floating above the ground, they are named differently. Can't think of any reason it should be broken.

    What happens is if I make the red spawns first, everyone spawns into the first red spawn point that I make. If I make the blu spawns first, everyone spawns into the first blu spawn point I make. It doesn't matter what team I choose or how many bots I add. They all spawn into that one spot.

    I've rebuilt them like 20 times.

    I thought maybe it was because I have 26 spawn points in each spawnroom, but when I cut them back to 16 each I had the same stupid problems.

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    Someone else had this a little while ago, but I don't remember who

    I looked at it, and tried a dozen things, but the only thing that seemed to fix it was removing the team_control_point_round entity (if I remember it correctly, it was some kind of entity like that)

    I've absolutely no idea why though
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