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spawn point problems

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Ezekel, Jan 3, 2009.

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    what's the best way to (on a 1 stage 4 point payload map) have the attackers spawn move on a certain capture.

    i tried killing the old spawn points when the cp is captured. the new ones are tied to it and set to team blue
    this makes the map end when i cap that point

    i tried having the 2nd spawn be disabled and get enabled and the 1st get disabled - this was my original set up, but it appears to possibly be causing the map to make the server crash.

    i tried having the 2nd spawn tied to the cp, and enabled, and only disabling the 1st spawn on capture. this had no effect, and i still will spawn at the 1st spawn.

    i'm at my wits end here. and i really want to get this working so the game doesn't crash, or cause the game to report a win on the 3rd capture point being captured.

    i have all spawn points set to the appropriate team and the appropriate round (of which there is only one).

    i'm kind of desperate now, as i thought i had fixed this prior to friday, but it returned. and now i only have a few hrs of frantic settings changing and compiling if i want to get it working before the testing starts at 2pm EST.
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