Spawn point problems, help me out!

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    Alright, as some of you might know the latest gameday had a few problems on borax with the spawning. Red was spawning in blue spawn ect.
    Let me first explain that, I have no idea how it could happen. Since blue was owning those info_player_teamspawn's there is no reason or logic explaition for Red to also spawn on those.

    Anyhow Ive decided to once more remove all the spawns and re do them. Here is what the spawn should look and work like.


    Now thats how it should work. Although as you saw in A7 it didnt. And right now in a8 it doesnt either.

    This is exactly how Ive created the spawn in a8.

    1. Added all the points from blue to the red main spawn. Named them.
    2. Put Start disable on those needed (All except blue start spawn and red start spawn)
    3. Added 'Red spawn round' and 'Blue spawn round' on the starting spawns to round_a
    4. On CP2, playerspawn_both_mid1 (reds first spawn) SetTeam 3
    5. on CP2, playerspawn_both_mid2 (Reds second spawn) Enable. (Since they are already set to RED no need to SetTeam)
    6. On CP3, playerspawn_both_mid1, disable, playerspawn_both_mid2, SetTeam 3, playerspawn_red_main, Enable (Reds HQ spawn)
    7. Added associate control point to the associate control point. Tested without it.

    The problems.
    1. Blue spawns in their second spawn, after CP3
    2. Red always spawn in their first spawn, or their HQ spawn. Randomly. Or both

    Does anyone know what is causing this or how to fix please post a comment! :blushing:
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    is it possible you're changing all the active spawns to the same team, forcing one team to spawn on just one of them?

    Also, try using a whole new set of teamspawns that never change teams, only enable and disable. so in a spawnroom where both teams spawn you have 32 spawn entities, 16 for each team. I used to do this, its how I did pl_hoodoo and it never caused me any problems.
    Obviously its not the best way to fix it but if it works....
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    SOLVED! But not thanks to the guy above me. :p

    I removed all Inputs/Outputs and started over again. I think I did just as before but obviously not. Used SetTeam 3 to change the spawn points to blue.

    Ingame I used Bots to fill up the teams, to see if everything was working correctly