Spam, Cover and Walking Distance.

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    Hello all,

    I'm working on a pl map and I'm having a bit of mapper's block :(. The room is 2048x2048x1024. It's the start of the 3rd area in the map. I have a forward spawn for red, and I am wondering two things:

    1) What would be the best way to protect the entrance from upper level spam?
    2) How would you implement a shortcut to the start of the level? Walking around the ring takes about 20s to get to the start.

    I was thinking about just having a flat roof above the doors to cut down the spam, but I don't think it would help too much.


    Pics in question:




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    this is a tough one. I really am drawing a blank on this one. your spiral staircase thing seems fine. I would do that.

    To protect the entrance you could always put a "buffer" room like in the beginning of a stage in A/D maps (but much much smaller). basically just put a roof over the door and make a couple entrances to both the sides (just what i would do).

    you could always add a ramp going the opposite way towards red spawn. kind of hard to explain but the ramp would start right next to red's spawn room. it would gradually rise and meet at a place in the ramp.

    you could take the simple (and barely effective) route and just propspam some stacked concrete blocks. i would do this in conjunction with the shortcut.

    I dunno really. Might have to redesign this a little bit, but your shortcut seems fine. *shrug*
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    maybe you could add a stairway into the wall going up to the top instead of weaving and bobbing in open sight.

    atleast, thats what i would have done :mellow: