Space Shuttle Mover/Doomsday Device

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    Short version, a spytech version of this in blue, red, and neutral:


    Long version:

    I was working on a map and wanted to use Acumen's drill at one of the CPs. One of the ideas I was toying with was having it attached to a giant vehicle, with the CP on top of the vehicle.

    Since this vehicle is so large, most of it will be brush work. Where modeling would be needed is for tracks, machinery, and engine parts. In fact, you could probably make only a tractor encompassing the tracks and surrounding machinery (which would give other mappers a lot of versatility in how to use it). This part minus the railed-off platform:


    Ideally, it'd also have some sort of apparatus at the front to accomodate Acumen's drill (small or large).

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    Oh man, that would be so great.