CP Southsilver a2

A linear 3CP A/D map set on a farm wrapped around a mountain.

  1. Vincent

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    After roughly ten days of planning, revising, and buckling down to finally block this out I bring you a control point map to the exact tune of gravel pit.

    It's farm theme because I have a cow in the 5th screenshot.

    That's all the narrative you'll get out of me. I truthfully have no idea what theme I should employ, it wouldn't be difficult to change at any time through alpha so feel free to suggest one. As of right now it's farm / mining with a heavy spytech emphasis around C.

    As of July 12th: More layout feedback!

    As of July 9th: Layout advice and observations on gameplay please, I plan to throw this through at least one game day and a few imps before moving to a2.

    Here is a .bz2 of the most current release: Download .bz2
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  2. KubeKing

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    The cow sells it.

    Even without the cow to back it up, this looks awesome. Excited to see it played.
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  3. Bunbun

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    Like dat ambulence tho
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  4. tyler

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  5. Crash

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    Lots of neat geometry in there. Looks like some fun area to fight in.
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  6. puxorb

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    This looks great! I do think you need to open up the areas around the capture points more, though. Only testing will tell, but it looks a bit cramped around the capture points. (Last is fine though since it should be harder to cap.)

    Can't wait to test this!
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  7. Vincent

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    If anyone is interested here's the demo that was recorded today: Hopefully linking directly to it is ok.

    It gave me some priceless insight into what I should change, thank you everyone that played it today. I've already begun making my list of changes for a2. Route changes, choo choo.
  8. Vincent

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    Here's an update to Southsilver, hopefully VIDE worked.

    Download: .bsp
    Download: .bz2

    A2 Release (July 12th 2015)
    -Lowered RED respawn wave time to 8 seconds from 10 // At all points of the round
    -Both A and B have had their capture times lowered to 27 seconds from 30
    -Removed excessive pickups around C
    -Lowered the large health kit under C to a medium health kit
    -Cleaned up pickups around A and B
    -RED resupply lockers are now a little farther back
    -BLU respawnroom visualizers moved forward on both A & B routes
    -Removed a window on the second story building looking down at A
    -Removed the wooden plank "wall" near A
    -Enlarged A capture zone slightly and added more cover
    -Moved the position of a side routes door near A to help improve flow
    -Repositioned B itself to accomodate layout changes
    -Removed a jump route near B
    -Added two new playable roof areas by B
    -Added a bridge underpass on the main path to B from BLU battlements
    -Added a new building by the B silo
    -Removed a dead end on the BLU side of B area
    -Added a new connection to B from the tunnel paths // This should make A <=> B rotations smoother
    -Tweaked cover all around C
    -Inverted a path from RED spawn that leads down to the low ground of C
    -Closed off an area under one of the grated walkways by C // What a silly engie spot
    -Removed the RED side spawn // This confused players
    -Redesigned RED spawn to be more cohesive and do a better job at keeping the team together
    -Double door exit out of RED spawn now a single big door // This confused players
    -Fixed a sightline by C that was pretty hardcore // It had to have been at least " this " big
    -All doors now open just a little bit faster // 600 -> 700
    -Switched to VIDE in place of Pakrat // Hopefully this 'VIDE' program actually works
    -Playerclipping improved here and there
    -Lighting improved overall
    -Lightly detailed some areas I don't think are going to change drastically
    -Cleaned up signs to reflect layout changes
    -BLU resupply locker next to A route now upright
    -Added a third resupply locker in BLU's spawn building
    -BLU ambulance now actually blue
    -Scaled up the water by A to 1.0 from 0.25
    -Added hazard strips around edges of capture area for A and B
    -Added a hoop to BLU spawn // For setup fun time, once I get the soccer ball to work right
    -Added hazard strips to the foot of the exit of BLUs spawn // Hopefully lets BLU know not to change class outside the spawnroom
    -I'm sure I forgot a lot that I did
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  9. Prolyfic

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    WHAT a lot of changes dude :O
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